by tinfriend 26 May 2020

Morning, Please may I ask IF anyone managed to download the little Freebie Star last week listed at the Folk Art Monograms 3 Set at The Mad Woman of Locke Street?



by sewtired 26 May 2020

I also was unable to download it. I got an error message which instructed me to send an email about the problem which I did. I then got a message from my email service that the message was undeliverable. At that point I gave up.

by Renga 26 May 2020

I could not get it last week either, but thought, it would be included in the zip file. But I could not find it there.

by sdrise 26 May 2020

No I did not get it either... Something wrong with the link. I think...

by momac 26 May 2020

No I could not download it either.