by lbrow 22 May 2020

Well Dear Ones this MIA person is back again. For good I hope. Life simply doesn't go as you plan it sometimes. I've missed you everyone and appreciated every phone call and card I have received.. Still struggling for some things. Embroidery machine down(has been for a while) and my dealer hasn't been able to get any parts shipped to him for a while now. He is also unable to get more any new machines. He says "call him back about middle of June". Hope all of you are well and abiding by your states /countries rules. My car was in garage so long the battery died. Kids have been doing the shopping for me. No one in my family has been ill but have had to deal with other extreme health issues. Things are a little more lax now but still very careful. I've lost count of the masks I have made. Sunday was able to back to church although everything is measured out to 6 fft. apart. No hugging or touching. Have lost dear friends and some family but family was not the virus. friends were. My Sewing Machine is working fine so it stays busy when I am able. Having extreme problems with vertigo and meds for it put me to sleep. Hand tremors so bad cannot thread my needles without help, luckily my machine threads its self.. Mind you I am not complaining. I am blessed . The last lung scan said no enlargement of the Ca in 6 months. Praising the Lord and thankful for the prayers. Love you all very much/Lillian


by pennyhal2 23 May 2020

I'm glad you are back and regret all the issues you've been dealing with. I'm hoping to see projects that you now create!

by 02kar Moderator 23 May 2020

Dear Miss Lillian, you have made my day to see your post. I'm so glad you are able to keep stitching and your kids and grandkids are taking good care of you. Your vertigo worries me and I hope you have told your doctor about it. I know how debilitating vertigo can be. I live with it constantly also. When my mother was no longer able to thread a needle, I would thread needles with the colors she wanted so she could still stitch whenever she needed to work on something. Good news on the CA being stable. You are very much remembered and loved.

by mrskiki 23 May 2020

So glad to hear the good news from your scan. Prayers of praise and thanksgiving for that. Hope your embroidery machine can be fixed soon. Hugs. Nan

by crafter2243 Moderator 22 May 2020

Oh Miss Lillian. I am so happy to see you here. I am keeping you in my prayers. Hopefully your health issues will disappear or at least get less.

by noah 22 May 2020

So glad you are staying busy and no health issues big hugs xxxx

by stork 22 May 2020

So glad to see your post Miss Lillian. Will continue to lift you up in prayer. Glad you have your machine to keep you busy. I know the feelings of loss also, and not to the virus. We are still trying to figure out when we are having services for my BIL. He served in Vietnam and was exposed to agent orange, which led to him being dependent on oxygen the last year of his life. He passed away peacefully after a drive out for pizza, eaten in the car, and icecream. We are still in the RED in our state of PA but feel we are fairing better than some others. God bless you and keep you safe!

by pennifold 22 May 2020

Oh! how lovely to see your post here this morning Miss Lillian. I pray for you every night and am so thankful for all your loving family and friends who can help you. I'm glad you have a self threading machine as it really helps those of use who have eye issues and tremors too. I am so sorry to read of your friends passing. Please keep safe and secure in your home.
We are very fortunate here in Australia, as of yesterday we have lost 101 people from the Coronavirus. We shut our international travel and borders down very early. It's been our saving grace. We are horrified by all the deaths in the USA, England and Europe and our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 22 May 2020

So glad you could pop in for a bit...sorry to hear about your dear friend... Stay safe! Hugs....

by graceandham 22 May 2020

Check you PM's.

by rescuer Moderator 22 May 2020

Thank you for checking in. I keep you in my prayers. Hugs!

by dailylaundry 22 May 2020

Love hearing from you, Lillian - you have been in my thoughts and prayers. I am very sorry for your losses. This is such a difficult time and I appreciate when people take it seriously - the loss has been horrendous. Hope your tremors and vertigo get better soon!!!! You are missed here - Loads of love and hugs, Laura

by gerryvb 22 May 2020

good to see your post here. we have missed you. Sorry for all sad things that happened , but it's so good to read your positive attitude. Take care and try to stay safe. dear miss Lillian, Cyber hugs are coming your way 💕

by asterixsew Moderator 22 May 2020

Lillian it is lovely to hear from you. Your life sounds a little challenging and sorry that both your health and machines have caused problems. The loss of family and friends is sad and we are in sad times, different times and all quietly getting on as we can. Think positive thoughts for those that you have lost and I will do too. My bit of the UK is still in lockdown and I am catching up on lots of outstanding sewing and have made many scrubs for surgery's and care homes. As yet I have to sew some facemasks. Take care dear

by airyfairy 22 May 2020

Wonderful to hear from you dear Lillian. I am so sorry that you have lost people you know with this dreadful Covid.
Please look after yourself and keep safe.
Cyber hugs