by toogie 21 May 2020

Hello Cuties! I don't know what all you've been up to but for me, this week is just as busy as last week.

It seems like Monday was a long time ago. I know we worked on something, but my husband nor I can remember what-lol
Tuesday our son came and he and his dad trimmed limbs on our trees around the house. DH couldn't mow the yard the limbs were hanging so low. They sure opened things up but looked like a storm came through.DH was not in control of the saw, so my trees are still standing!-lol They faired better than my wisteria last week. The guys left the mess overnight, because son had something else he needed to do and dh needed to bring food, to his brother Douglas, that has cancer. Douglas likes a few things I make and I got word he wanted something so, he got it.
Yesterday, our son came back early and for the next 2 to 3 hours we piled limbs while son cut the stack to burn. We are in the country so we can do that unless it's a burn ban. Son works for the Forestry and we've been getting rains so no ban, yet.
My oven went completely out March 15th. We have been self isolating but yesterday they worked on that while I got lunch together. We ordered the part they 'think' is the fault so lets hope that's it.
They also cleaned the A/C coils because I was having trouble with my air. Last week DH and I cleaned and made sure the drain line wasn't stopped up, but it didn't help. Yesterday they cleaned with a Coil Cleaner but a/c was icing up still so we called a repair guy to come check for leak and add Freon. Most times guys can fix things but then they also know when its time to call.
The a/c repairman was supposed to come at 10 or 11 am. It's now almost 3 pm and haven't heard a word from him. I hate waiting on someone or at least call and tell me you are still coming.
Bless Pat, (do you say things like that-lol) he is here! I will finish later.


by pennyhal2 23 May 2020

Oh good grief!!! It never rains but it pours i guess. It doesn't sound like a fun week, but one with a lot of stress and everything crashing at once. I'm hoping, that once everything gets fixed, you will have time to relax and get things back to normal.

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toogie by toogie 24 May 2020

You just have to take it all in stride. I am glad to get the A/C fixed and hope the oven part is the right one. Right now all I bake are biscuits or cornbread in a Black & Decker portable oven. I did bake one cake though, having to bake one layer at a time is slow, but doable.

by asterixsew Moderator 22 May 2020

Hi Toogie. Each week seems as busy as the last week, days merge into weeks and one wonders what day it is, let alone what month. Our rubbish bin goes out more than we do these days.

toogie by toogie 22 May 2020

Lol-I have to look at my phone sometimes to be sure of the day. That’s what happens when you retire I guess.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 23 May 2020

I look at the newspaper to know the day/ are not alone!

asterixsew by asterixsew 23 May 2020

Newspapers gosh haven’t bought them for years

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by toogie edited 22 May 2020

AC man came and gone. We are cool again! Yea🤣 I wanted to show one of my tomato plants I weeded around this morning. I am watching them like a hawk. I don’t want the squirrels that are tearing down the corn stalks to decide to eat my tomatoes! I also thought I’d show all the limbs down in the front and last picture in back before clean up. I don’t know why it shows sideways but I’m on phone. Maybe if you click it will be upright.

by mranderson 21 May 2020

I really don't know what I have been doing BUT I am doing a lot of it. LOL. Just trying to stay safe I guess. Hugs.

toogie by toogie 21 May 2020

I know what you’ve been doing Marg and all your projects look good! I saw them!

mranderson by mranderson 21 May 2020

These projects have been done over quite some time not just recently. Although I have done a couple in the last 2 months.

toogie by toogie 21 May 2020

It doesn’t matter when they were done, they still look great.

by 02kar Moderator 21 May 2020

I hope you now have AC after all of that and your oven is working again. My story isn't quite as interesting as yours. We had purchased a 1999 5th wheel, the kind of RV that has the curved front that a pickup truck fits under to tow it. We had almost gotten it renovated, furnished and ready to use it when my hubby decided he didn't like the blinds and removed them. Well, since then it has been a mess thanks to the several dozen holes left in the wall, having to repair them. Then it was having to paint and so on and on and on. And all I had wanted was to get the curtain rods installed so I could put up the curtains. This could be a sitcom on a TV show. So needless to say, the place is a mess with everything pulled from the walls and the counter. Tools, paint cans and so on are scattered and the curtains and rods are back home again. I guess this is similar to your wisteria story. I figure one day you will have a beautiful bush again and I will have curtains hanging in a clean and organized get away spot. And this quarantine will be lifted and life will get back to whatever our new normal will be. I am always the optimist.

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toogie by toogie 21 May 2020

We have had our share of camper renovations. I once sewed all new screens on both whole sides of a pop-up camper! Been there don’t want to do that again😉😂🤣
I think about those ‘virtual’ tv shows, I think they are called that or reality. ....I guess everyone has some interesting days but I wouldn’t want anyone following me around with a camera! Life’s not that interesting minute by minute. However, I like picturing your remodel. Sounds like a chain reaction.😳😉😂

by crafter2243 Moderator 21 May 2020

All I do is trying to keep a puppy out of mischief and I am exhausted from it.

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toogie by toogie 21 May 2020

Haha I’m afraid a puppy would wear me out too! I told hubby yesterday afternoon when we did sit down that I didn’t know why but I sure was tired. 😉😂

by graceandham 21 May 2020

Sounds like 3-4 weeks at my house, Toogie. I'm worn out just reading it. No more problems. Don't let DH near your trees with a saw again.

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toogie by toogie 21 May 2020

You got that right Betsey! I didn’t want my oak trees to look like my bushes!

by shirley124 21 May 2020

You have been having a busy time Toogie. Not much happening here. I did get my hair cut yesterday. Need to go out and buy new slippers. maybe this afternoon. Like you I hate waiting on people when they have given you a time and do not turn up for hours. Hubby had a Phone appointment with the Doctor a few weeks ago. Waited over 2 hours so we went off to do other things, yes you guessed it when we came back and checked the phone he had left a message just after we walked away. Then the next Phone appointment with out GP he was better with the time but did not write down where to send the Scripts to. Then when we got the scripts one of mine was missing. After 3 phone calls it is finally at the Chemist. Will get it on Monday. Just as well I keep up a bit with my medication. We are organizing all our bills to be paid by direct debit as it is too much trouble trying to pay in with this Virus. Things are so crazy. WE got estimate accounts for the power and water. Cannot understand as the water meter is just over the front fence. They must think the virus is hiding in there. lol And the power meter is outside the front door. They do not have to come in contact with anyone. Oh well I guess they are playing safe.

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toogie by toogie 21 May 2020

That is another thing I don’t like. Waiting for a phone call ties you down. Like you say about the time you walk outside they call.

by dailylaundry 21 May 2020

Way to go, Toogie and your "helpers"!! We've been working on odds and ends here too. Put a new TV up in my father-in-laws vacation house. Sounds easy but, was more complicated than that - lol. To make what could be a long story short - the new TV is working great! Stay safe and tons of hugs, Laura

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toogie by toogie 21 May 2020

Did you do a wall mount? A couple years ago I finally got hubby to do wall mounts in the bedrooms. They were a good price at Harbor Freight, but he won’t agree to one in the living room😩.

by sewdeb 21 May 2020

Well, now girlfriend, you sure are having more "fun" than I am! Yikes! It is exciting round your way! I hope everything gets fixed, cut, chopped de-iced and whatever else ya need! hugs* and prayers coming your way! Deb

toogie by toogie 21 May 2020

I don’t know how fun or exciting it is but I don’t mind working. I like being out IF it’s not too hot.😉 it sure doesn’t take long tho to get hot though. I weeded some grass out from around my tomato plants this morning and I told hubby it didn’t do any good to wash my hair the night before. It was soaking wet at the roots and about an inch out. Hey, that sweat may be what’s making it go gray at the roots!-😂🤣

sewdeb by sewdeb 22 May 2020

yep, I do believe that's the cause! LOL