by mary51 16 May 2020

I have a doubt do you install the usb before or after you turn on the embroidery machine. I have a janome 500 e thank you


by gerryvb 17 May 2020

I have a brother and with this machine it does not matter when I do...

by mrskiki 17 May 2020

On my Vikings it does not matter. Sometimes I turn on the machine only to find out that the design I want to use is not on there so I take it out, put the design on and put it back in. No problems. I also take it out while the machine is in use as it does not affect the design being sewed at the time. That design is loaded on the machine. Hugs. Nan

by tinfriend 17 May 2020

Not sure about other machines but at Bernina we were taught machines OFF USB in - Machines OFF USB out!xx

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mary51 by mary51 17 May 2020

thank you{ i think I am going to do that.

by pennifold 16 May 2020

HI Mary, I don't have a Janome, but I take it out of the machine when it's stitching a design and go to my computer to download another design and put on it. Then I just put it back in whilst the machine is going. I've never had any trouble doing that! Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 May 2020

I always add the USB while the machine is off and do the same when removing it. However I went to class once and the instructor just plugged it in while the machine was on. I do have Baby Lock machines and I am not sure if Janome needs to be treated different.

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 18 May 2020

I insert the USB regardless if the machine is on or off. So far, it doesn't seem to matter.

by babash 16 May 2020

I have a 500e and leave my USB plugged in all the time.

by dragonflyer 16 May 2020

I don't have a Janome 500e, but on my Baby Lock Ellisimo, it doesn't matter when I plug in a USB...