by pennifold 01 May 2020

Hi Cuties, I got a hint from one of the Moderators today, of which I didn't know.

To see what one has made by TAG click on the tag title listed underneath one's post picture.
So for example, with my Backpacks, click on the word BACKPAK in my TAG box and they will all show up.
I've been putting in too many titles and it's been confusing. Love Chris


by pennyhal2 08 May 2020

Gosh! That is helpful to know. Thanks!

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by mops Moderator edited 02 May 2020

The most important thing is to be consistent in naming your tag. If you click on it yourself, you can see what comes up. If it is not what you want to show up edit your post by changing the tag(s).
Some people use so many unique (and thus different) ones for the same category that it becomes useless.

If you want inspiration for say a towel, it would be nice if you could use just that tag and did not have to go through every combo like handtowel, kitchentowel, towel-Cute, towel-DbS etc.
you can even go to a tag directly by typing in or whatever tag you want

mops by mops edited 02 May 2020

Adding your name as a tag is superfluous as you get the same result as clicking on their avatar.

pennifold by pennifold 02 May 2020

I've always used the etc. for looking for a project. Love Chris