by pennifold 28 Apr 2020

Hi guys, I just wanted to share how ridiculously happy I was to receive an SMS from my Hairdresser at 9.00am this morning! She had to close up in early March when the Coronavirus happened!

It's been 8 weeks since I had my last hair cut and I get it done every 4!!! So you can imagine how thick it is by now. Mum will have hers done at the same time as me, so she is ecstatic!
It's the small things that one appreciates, isn't it? I don't want to take away the dreadful trauma that many people are going through, but I just felt so good to hear from her! She is thrilled she can go back to work too. Small businesses have been hit really bad by this Pandemic. Love Chris


by airyfairy 30 Apr 2020

You are just so lucky. We are still not allowed out. We are waiting for tonight to hear if anything has been lifted. It will be weeks before hairdressers are open, the same as restaurants.
My hair has not been cut professionally for two months. My appointment was cancelled when we went into lockdown. I have now cut my hair twice and am very pleased with it. I cannot do the back, although DH has offered. LOL.
I really hope that countries who have lifted many lockdown laws are going to be safe. In a way I am happy to be so strictly monitored.p

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pennifold by pennifold 30 Apr 2020

Hi Sarah, yes, we are lucky to have some lifting of restrictions. I've just posted a picture of what was in our local papers yesterday in the Community section. Love Chris

by mranderson 29 Apr 2020

I know exactly how you feel Chris. I had been in hospital for 2 weeks prior to this lock-down and missed a hair appointment. Hairdresser rang and offered me an appointment with all the precautions, however I declined. Now it has been weeks (lost count) and I have grey roots and the hair is getting long and scruffy. Maybe its time for a colour change and maybe a new style. We will see. If our hair is all we have to worry about we are doing fine. Hugs Marg

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pennifold by pennifold 30 Apr 2020

Hi Marg, I'm grey and it's great to not have to worry about rinses etc. I was naturally very dark, people thought I was an Italian! Hope you are ok after your hospital stint. Love Chris

by shirley124 29 Apr 2020

So glad you can get your hair cut again. Hubby was due to get his cut 2 days after they shut them down here. Our hairdresser phoned and has offered to come to our house if they have to stay closed for too long. I may have to take her up on the offer as mine needs cutting as well now' I did tell her I would have a go at cutting it my self and she said that was what she was afraid of. I don't think she trusts me with a pair of scissors. ha ha ha ha

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pennifold by pennifold 30 Apr 2020

Oh! Shirley, don't try and cut your hair yourself. I'm sure it won't be long for you. Love Chris

by tuross 29 Apr 2020

So happy for you Chris, I am trying to wait patiently but have had to resurrect my hairdryer because it's just got too long and I can no longer wash and leave it. I did put a pink rinse through it which raised my spirts and a few eyebrows. Pity that the rest of the world doesn't suffer such minor inconveniences too.

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pennifold by pennifold 30 Apr 2020

That pink rinse would look great Lynne. I'm glad at least it's not a Purple rinse or blue! I always think of 'old' ladies when I see that! he he he! Love Chris

by hoplessnz 29 Apr 2020

Hi no hairdressers open in New Zealand yet could be another couple of weeks away . I am starting to look like Boris Johnson . I need help and quick LOL .

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pennifold by pennifold 30 Apr 2020

I laughed out loud at this one Hilda, I love Boris's hair! Love Chris

by toogie 29 Apr 2020

When I cut my hubby's last week I was very tempted to use the clippers on mine and just go back gray!-lol- I didn't, but if this goes on much longer, I know I will be tempted again. I can put it in a ponytail. I'm not saying it looks good that way, but it's cooler and who sees but hubby. Most times he doesn't pay attention anyway-lol

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pennifold by pennifold 30 Apr 2020

Hi Toogie, I think your hair would look great in a ponytail! Keep it gray it's so much easier!! Love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 29 Apr 2020

I couldn't help but laugh that liquor stores are considered essential and hairdressers were not. I guess some need liquor to forget about their hair having nothing but hair days? Enjoy your pampering. We are still waiting for hair dressers to open here. My hair, BTW is down to my shoulders and no, I'm not resorting to alcohol to forget how shaggy I look. But I do have a collection of barrettes to keep it out of my face. hehe

pennifold by pennifold 30 Apr 2020

Lucky you Karen, I think with long hair it's so much easier, you can just put it into a ponytail or bun etc. but when it's short it goes everywhere! Love Chris

airyfairy by airyfairy 30 Apr 2020

We cannot get hair cuts or liquor. 😪

by lilylady 29 Apr 2020

I am so waiting! I hope it will be soon. I was lucky to have a perm just before they had to close, but way to long and shabby!

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pennifold by pennifold 30 Apr 2020

Hi Sandy, that's so good that you got a perm at least before everything shut down. Love Chris

by gerryvb 29 Apr 2020

here the hairdressers are not open yet... so enjoy the haircut

mops by mops 30 Apr 2020

My hair is not that long yet, but it certainly is Coupe Corona!

pennifold by pennifold 30 Apr 2020

This made me laugh out loud! Love Chris

by mariagiannina 29 Apr 2020

Hi Chris, I know exactly how you feel! My hairdresser did not close, thank God, my hair grows so fast, it would have been down to my shoulders by now!! My hair is short too.
There were only 1 or 2 clients in the room at one time, and the usual sanitizing was carried out. I got my hair cut 2 weeks ago, and I was the only one there.
My son was able to start work again on Monday.
Not yet for my daughter.
Mary C

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pennifold by pennifold 30 Apr 2020

Hi Mary, I feel for you. Our appointments will be like yours only 1 or 2 in the shop at a time. So happy your son is back at work, it won't be long for your daughter I'm sure. Love Chris

by orangetiger 28 Apr 2020

Hairdressers are so very important to us. Horrible thing to say but I saw a lady whose hair looked worse than mine and it made my day. Hair and I do not get along.

pennifold by pennifold 28 Apr 2020

Hi "orangetiger" and I understand completely! Mine is normally short and I wash and blow dry it every other day! So I'm really looking forward to next Monday. Love Chris

orangetiger by orangetiger 29 Apr 2020

Our hairdressers aren't scheduled to open yet. There will be haircuts for many of us as were are now desperate!