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by danababes ( edited 12 Apr 2020 ) 12 Apr 2020

ITH Masks

I thought I'd start a thread for those who are looking to make ITH masks, rather than using their sewing machine. These are all free as of Sun12-4-20 and you'll also need a 5x7 hoop or larger to stitch them out: has several free ITH masks on offer. (comes in 4 sizes and although free, she asks that if you are able, you pay for the design) (5x7 & 7x12) (5x7) (5x7) (8.66x3.15 & 6.85x2.83) (6.87x2.85 & 8.67x3.17) (6x10 & 5x7 - 3 sewing patterns available too) has several applique masks available (5x7 - also a pleated adult version for purchase)

I'm sure there are many more available. I've found that quite a few ITH masks are also available for free with a code but since they are FB groups, I won't be putting any up here.

Feel free to add to this thread :)

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by Sewmum1 15 Apr 2020

For those having trouble obtaining elastic and those that don't do binding ties I just saw online someone making knit fabric ties. Cut 1 inch strips of knit fabric that rolls and then you stretch it. It will roll up creating a stretchy ties very quickly

by pcteddyb 13 Apr 2020

This is a very nice one too.

by posey 13 Apr 2020

thank you

by sewdeb 13 Apr 2020

Smart Needle has just added a shark mask to their freebies.

by maggiecal 13 Apr 2020

Hi - Looks like you missed Planet Appliqué, pleated style.

I have 5 sizes and two styles free in my Facebook digitizing group. It’s the more fitted duckbill style. Won’t include a link, since Facebook - they are in the Premier+2 PC and Mac Embroidery Digitizing Users Group there.

by marianb 13 Apr 2020

thank you for the information

by jillian 13 Apr 2020

Many thanks. This is valuable information as simple fast masks are required

by orangetiger 12 Apr 2020

Your list is wonderful and timely.

by mary51 12 Apr 2020

Thank you

by myownmail35 12 Apr 2020

Thank you!