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by tinfriend ( edited 12 Apr 2020 ) 11 Apr 2020

Wishing my Cute Family & especially Ms Veronika a Very Happy Easter! Please be safe and take care! HUGS

I tried to upload a picture but had no luck no matter how small I made the picture! NO idea why I am unable to upload pictures anymore to Cute!x


by momac 12 Apr 2020

And a Happy Easter to you too all the way from Me on South Africa, hugs from Maureen

by crafter2243 Moderator 11 Apr 2020

And a Happy Easter to you as well.

by cfidl 11 Apr 2020

Happy Easter to all!

by sewmom 11 Apr 2020

Thank you! I have found that I can upload a picture and it shows on the community page but it doesn't show on the actual post page for a day or 2 sometimes. Very odd.

by pennyhal2 11 Apr 2020


by sewdeb 11 Apr 2020

Thanks so very much and you have a very happy Easter, too! Stay safe!

by 02kar Moderator 11 Apr 2020

Thank you and a very ha[[y Easter to you and your family. Stay healthy

by basketkase 11 Apr 2020

Happy easter to you too!! I can't upload pics with Edge or Explorer, but when I switch to Chrome, there is no issue.....

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tinfriend by tinfriend 13 Apr 2020

Thank you - I will try that!x

by graceandham 11 Apr 2020

A Happy Easter to you as well. And good health!