by mary51 05 Apr 2020

Hello everyone

Checking to see how everyone is doing . Stay home.


by noah 08 Apr 2020

Hi Mary, Here in my bush in Northern, Ontario we have no cases as of yet :):)

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dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 09 Apr 2020 glad that you may be away from this. Stay healthy and take care of yourself and John.

by mary51 08 Apr 2020

Glad all of you are doing ok...Thank you .

by dlonnahawkins 08 Apr 2020

Hi Mary, I am in Central FL, also...thinking same town as you. My daughter is a critical care Respiratory Therapist for the VA hospital, and did come down with Covid-19. She lives down the road from us, but I have not seen or been with her for well over a month. When she saw it possibly coming into her hospital she told us she was distancing herself from us, and her kids in town. She was very sick for a time, but seems to be on mend.
But, I have made scrub hats and masks for her for when she is released to go back to work.
I can't make myself get into my embroidery work, but need to do something, for we were blessed with a new great-grand....our first great-grandson. He was born over 3-1/2 weeks early. They are in Delaware, so we had to cancel our trip up to be with them this month. I have some things planned to do, but have really done a lot of reading just to take my mind off everything.
Everyone, please stay safe and healthy.

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mary51 by mary51 08 Apr 2020

Hope your daughter gets better. Her job is so important now. God bless her ....Hope in no time you could go and see your grandson.

by gramsbear 08 Apr 2020

Thanx for asking! Hoping you also are doing good! Here in Amarillo Texas, things are going well. Shop by phone and go pick up supplies, see the Dr. for shots, etc. but nothing that can wait. Surgeries are on emergency only. I am doing great. God is the Best! Hugs and Prayers for all of us! Judy...

by kustomkuddle 08 Apr 2020

Thanks for checking Mary. Hope you are staying safe. Pretty much everything is shut down here in Michigan. Working on projects and cleaning. I've had a lot of requests to make people masks. It is hardest on my husband as he can only work from home for a few hours a day. He has never been one to just sit still. Always has to be doing something. Driving me nuts. LOL I've finally convinced him that I do not need to be present when he is cleaning out cupboards and closets! I may regret it but oh well. Everyone keep safe!

by airyfairy 08 Apr 2020

Hi Mary, so good to see you and I hope you are staying safe. I am trying to get jobs done in the house that have needed doing for years. Here in S. Africa we are only allowed out for grocery and chemist shopping. My only wish would be, is to get out to exercise and walk the dog. Thank goodness we have a garden.
To all Cuties - please stay safe

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mary51 by mary51 08 Apr 2020

Hello We are allowed to go out for food shopping and walk. It is very difficult time.

by pennyhal2 07 Apr 2020

I thought that I shouldn't complain, but staying home is a lot worse than I thought it would be. My husband insists that I don't walk the 3 dogs that each walk a mile each much for outdoor exercise. Guess I should learn better ways of coping. Maybe I'll do my fingernails today or start a new embroidery project.

by stock 07 Apr 2020

Just staying home and sewing for markets to come goodness knows when that will be our Prime Minster says 6 months, going out for groceries once a week, ....wendy victoria australia

by zoefzoef 06 Apr 2020

Working daily at home.
it is a bit more difficult to handle.. But it works !

by mrskiki 06 Apr 2020

Hi there. I am in central Texas and in our county there are only 10 confirmed cases right now. I am staying home and neighbors are going to the grocery store for me or ordering curbside pickup and I add to their orders that way. I am still walking with my buddies who have been walking together for 10 years. We can spread out over the road so don't have to be close. Been doing some sewing and of course cooking! Praying for everyone in the world. Hugs. Nan

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 07 Apr 2020

My city has about 150,000 population and only 18 cases. I think the cities where the population has dense areas are more at risk. Or so I tell myself.

mary51 by mary51 08 Apr 2020

So far in the entire Volusia County are 14 cases...only

by crafter2243 Moderator 05 Apr 2020

I am glad you stopped by checking on us. How are you doing? Living by myself and daughter (nurse) with family no longer coming for weekly dinner, I feel pretty lonely. But...... in many ways I am blessed and well.

by 02kar Moderator 05 Apr 2020

My handsome hubby and I are in NW Florida and doing well. We and our friends remain symptom free and working on projects to while away the time. Good to know you are doing fine.

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mary51 by mary51 07 Apr 2020

I live in Central Florida. but my kids are in South Florida

by noah 05 Apr 2020

we are mommy thanks and we are ok to:);)hugs xxx

by asterixsew Moderator 05 Apr 2020

Mary not sure where you are at the moment but welcome back. In the UK we are staying at home trying to be safe as no doubt you are too.

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mary51 by mary51 05 Apr 2020

I am in Central florida. not too bad compare to South Florida, that is where my children and grandchildren live.