by jenne 31 Mar 2020

A poem written by me.

The Bible
The Bible God's Holy word.
Read it for joy
Read it for life,
Read it to live this Holy life,
Read it to comfort in hard times,
The words on the pages, bring pictures to my mind.
Read it for Salvation,
Read it for Sanctification,
Read it for Holy Ghost Baptism
Read it, it's a garden of delight.
Read it to know God and His Son.
*We will read it though out all the ages to come.


by maleah 02 Apr 2020

Such a grat poem. Thank you for sharing

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jenne by jenne 02 Apr 2020

Glad you like it,

by gerryvb 01 Apr 2020

thank you for the poem

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jenne by jenne 01 Apr 2020

during these hard times , I though it might help someone.

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by toogie edited 31 Mar 2020

Lovely poem Jenne. This situation is giving us all ample time, to 'Be still and know God' through reading His word.
When I recently talked to my brother-in-law about salvation, I also asked if he read his bible, because it is so interesting. It has stories of wars, battles, and even a love story. It speaks of love, forgiveness, salvation, eternity. It gives us a guide how to live like Him (or try our very best to) and when we fail and we do, it tells us He forgives us and so we turn away from sin & try again.
Douglas found out today his cancer is in 4th stage. Dr said he needs chemo & radiation. He sees the orthopedic tomorrow. Oncologist said the Orthopedist may can do a back surgery to try to help him, but I am doubtful, because of what the orthopedist said before. Without trying a surgery, the cancer will continue breaking the spine and he will be a paraplegic. He is already falling and in pain, even with meds. Oncologist said the treatments will be only to buy him some time. It's so sad......

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jenne by jenne 01 Apr 2020

I will be praying for him, you never know what God might do, when we pray.

by pennifold 31 Mar 2020

Thanks Jenne for your beautiful words. Prayers for you and yours. Love Chris

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jenne by jenne 01 Apr 2020


by 02kar Moderator 31 Mar 2020

I agree with every word you wrote. Well done and an inspiration for us all in this trying time.

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jenne by jenne 01 Apr 2020

I hope so.