by anitapatch 24 Mar 2020

To fight the Coronavirus. Important WASH YOUR HANDS and not touch your face before you have your hands clean. Mask you need if you are infected, to not spread your virus. Most people get sick after 5-6 days after they were disposed to virus. Some don´t get so sick but others . And please distance to other people 1,5 m.If you get the virus most people are cured in 10-12 days. Please STAY AT HOME. The virus spreads very quickly. Desinfect what you bring to your house when shopping. Throug away plastic and paper what your shopping is wraped around. And after that WASH YOUR HANDS in soap.


by teddybear117 24 Mar 2020

You might consider wearing a mask, also, if you have underlying health conditions. Heart disease, copd, asthma, high blood pressure is also in the high risk category

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anitapatch by anitapatch 24 Mar 2020

I live in Spain. What they say here, people who are in a risk group should stay at home, don´t go out until it is over. Don´t have contact with more tan one person. Everbody should have 1,5 m distance to otjher people. What you buy from shop should be desinfected . Through away paper and plastic. put your bread in a a tupper. and after you have done this WASH YOUR HANDS. never thoutch your face before you have washed your hands.