by rescuer Moderator 16d ago

I would like to suggest that all Cuties find a Cute friend and stay in touch with them during this pandemic. I know many Cuties have, in years past, needed prayers or they passed away but we don't hear about it because they don't have a buddy on Cute. My children know to contact my Cute buddy if something were to happen to me. Please find a buddy and stay in touch.


by zoefzoef 11d ago


by zoefzoef 12d ago

Great suggestion !
I know I m always too busy.. but I do need a buddy these days, even just to talk...

by fabricfairy 15d ago

Great idea , when do we start. Can we ask for a country ? I don't think I have ever "spoken" to any one in Germany or France or Spain , maybe I could learn a little about their country and they could learn a little about Australia from me.

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rescuer by rescuer 15d ago

Some of us have had a buddy for years. So, start anytime. Just pick someone you see frequently here on Cute. Someone you can trust would be good since many of us have shared our emails or phone numbers. Be safe, be smart! Encourage other Cuties to have family notify you or us here if they need prayers or if they need to be mourned. It is a sobering thought, but from all I have read, it hits people just like us, hard. 😢

by dailylaundry 15d ago

What a wonderful idea!!! Thank you!

by devon 15d ago

Great ideal!! Love all my Cute friends and Family!!!!

by sdrise 15d ago

Thank You!!

by mrskiki 15d ago

Wonderful idea. But how do we match people up? Hugs. Nan

asterixsew by asterixsew 15d ago

Choose anyone you like. Someone on your doorstep as it were or the other side of the world. Take your pick there are lots of us to go around

rescuer by rescuer 15d ago

I'm matched with more than one and I have more than one buddy that checks on me. Picking someone you like is a good place to start.

by asterixsew Moderator 15d ago

Rescuer what a brilliant idea so come on Cuties get a cutie friend.

by gerryvb 15d ago

what a wonderful idea, Cute is to many like a family and now in these hard tiimes i support your idea as a a great action for this family/friends feeling.

by marianb 15d ago

It is a very good idea, if anyone in Sydney needs a buddy pm me.

by pennifold 16d ago

Great idea, have done that. Hope all stay safe and well. Love Chris

by toogie 16d ago

I have told my girls before when something happened to me to let Cuties know. Now whether or not they do or remember.... hopefully we will all get through this but it is a sobering thought. This virus threat is so real.

Midnight1 by Midnight1 15d ago

Good idea-I have a book for kids to look in and advise people of my passing with phone # or e-mail address I have several phone buddies that live in different states

toogie by toogie 15d ago

I too have several Cuties saved on my phone and a few email contacts so it shouldn’t be a problem for my children to let someone know here.