by asterixsew Moderator 19 Mar 2020

Friday is going to be the start of a new life. I live in the UK, schools close and it is said that they may not reopen until September. Teachers have been busy preparing work for pupils to start on in the break. Key workers like nurses, police and fire personnel are being provided with schools in our area for their children. My grandson fall into this category and currently are not happy. They will be in a school that they have never been to and will be with many others in the same situation but its near their mums work. My daughter is a theatre nurse and all planned operations are cancelled. Emergency operations will continue. She is worried as to where and what she will be doing, her husband also (as am I too)

My husband and I will be self isolating at home. So this is the time to try new skills, catch up on lots off put off jobs, attack the fabric stash and the dreaded tidy up.
So far this week I have been invited to a virtual wine tasting and to take up learning the guitar. This is probably a no no as I don't have a guitar. I have also learned that I can have a three way phone call all looking at each other as we talk. I discovered today that the person locally affected by the C virus is someone I know. I am quite a social person so its going to be interesting times. My friends who are also grandparents are very sad that we wont be able to touch our grandchildren for a while but I can facetime mine and chat.


by killiecrankie 21 Mar 2020

Australia has closed the borders & some states are closing theirs.Yesterday they closed Bondi Beach because there were 5,000 people there & the limit was 500.The police were called to help ,to remove everyone.Social distancing is in place.
In Sydney they let nearly 3000 people of a cruise ship before the test results were available.Some were positive by then the passengers were every where with some flying over seas.They thought the ship was safe because it had been cruising around New Zealand.

by airyfairy 21 Mar 2020

First of all a huge “thank you” to Caroline for starting this post. As some of you know I live in South Africa. Last Sunday our President gave the most wonderful speech. As a nation, very little had been mentioned about Covid-19. We had seen on the television how bad it was in Europe but didn’t realise that it was about to affect us too.
We were told that schools would be closed from Wednesday last. To distance ourselves as much as possible and to stay indoors. Every day something else has happened and yesterday I was told our libraries had closed.
From last Monday I have isolated myself, mainly to see how I would cope. OK I do have a husband but he also has been buried in his study.
I found it almost enjoyable as I am quite a loner. I have been cooking more, have throughly cleaned my embroidery machine which I thought would have to go to the “doctors” because it was misbehaving. I have spent loads of time in the garden, planting, weeding and playing with my wonderful dog.
Unfortunately we have had to cancel a holiday overseas but we can go again another time. Our health is more important.
Thank goodness for our technology. Being able to Skype with the grandchildren is wonderful.
Take care Cuties and keep washing those hands. Hugs to you all. Sarah.

asterixsew by asterixsew 21 Mar 2020

Sarah what lovely comments. Enjoy your garden and dog. Not sure if our library is open or not but I will post my books back over the weekend. I am about to go out to attack the garden to get rid of the garden waste as the bin for it is emptied on Monday. Take care and keep us updated

toogie by toogie 21 Mar 2020

Lovely garden, yard, as we call it here. What is the bottle in the tree, do tell?

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 21 Mar 2020

Is it a fruit fly trap.?

airyfairy by airyfairy 22 Mar 2020

It is sugar water for the humming birds

noah by noah 22 Mar 2020

Well to put in my two cents. This virus is just starting here .Not many have it yet all over Ontario but we too are staying in and away from people .I still walk Mr.P everyday three times .I need spring here .I am so sick of snow. Hugs everyone xxxx

by pennifold 21 Mar 2020

Hi Caroline, such a sad state of affairs I agree. I am currently sewing a backpack from an Australian company and about to have a bbq for dinner for Trev and I. You look outside and everything looks like a normal Autum day, beautiful sunny days and green grass everywhere. But underneath all of this beauty is the underlying Coronavirus.
As Barbara said it's so sad in the supermarkets. Our businesses are really feeling the pinch.
Trev and I trying to support our local shopping village being aware of the social distancing of 1.5 metres. My local Coffee shop where I go every morning for my Cappuccino is fine, as our tables are all over a metre apart. Of course you can always get a take away. I wouldn't be surprised if our schools close next week as all the children's after school hours activities have been cancelled. I think as women we can always find something to clean or tidy up and I look forward to doing that
Our Anglican Bishop has cancelled all our services and closed all of our Op Shops, it's going to feel weird not going to Church tomorrow morning and me not having to prepare the PowerPoint presentation every week. My Priest is going to be calling all the Parishioners and I think he's wanting to do a virtual service via Youtube or one of those technical services, can't wait for that.
In the meantime, we will keep our distance and follow the rules. God bless each of you and please keep safe. Love Chris

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asterixsew by asterixsew 21 Mar 2020

Hi Chris and thanks for your reply. I cannot believe the amount of people who are aimlessly wandering about outside. Café, bars, restaurants, leisure centres etc were shut at midnight..., take care, keep updating us and Good Luck

by cfidl 21 Mar 2020

I am considering a week from Sunday to be the new start for me, as there is a slight chance my son could have been exposed last Saturday. Hubby is not worried, however me being me I am outside the zone. I figure 14 days of self isolating would answer that question. These could be the longest days and yet the shortest days of my life. It is difficult to explain. I had just started spring cleaning and have been in conversation with many folk to empty 20 years of stuff. Then this...

asterixsew by asterixsew 21 Mar 2020

I too have taken to cleaning and washing, just like my late mother (Nancy) would have done. Made y sister in law laugh while on the phone as I said I had a touch of the Nancy's. Good luck and keep on cleaning

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 22 Mar 2020

Started spring cleaning last year but gave up because of the bushfire smoke invading everything & the water restrictions.Autumn is here & have started washing all the curtains again

noah by noah 22 Mar 2020

Spring++++ we still got 6 feet of snow:(:( It is coming to zero and above so it will start to melt this week i hope:):)hugs to all xx

by queenofhearts 21 Mar 2020

Here in Minnesota it is the same as in many other places. Schools closed, church services canceled, bars and restaurants closed except for take out, Many store shelves empty because of panic buying. Our governor has not issued a shelter in place order yet but it may come as many other states are doing that, but we are being advised to stay at home, I work in a group home so my services are essential but other than going to work and to the store for necessities I stay at home. There is no place to go or nothing to do anyway. Even funerals are being postponed or limited to immediate family.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 21 Mar 2020

Theresa thanks for replying and Good Luck and will think positive thoughts for you at work

by babash 20 Mar 2020

Here in Australia we are advised to stay at home being in the old range of age and only going to the shops to get food if necessary.
Well it was made harder this week as with the rationing you could get very little. Only 2 packs of frozen veg at a time. That is fine but I needed peas and beans and would have liked brussel sprouts and couliflower 500 gram packs as well but not allowed so had to try for them another day. Couldn't get husbands Epilepsey medication as not stock was given a list of places to call to find a store with stock which I did 20 mins away.
So instead of 1 day out in public I was out 5 days in a row just making sure we had the bare minimum of supplies. On top of that we had to go Vote for local council.
Been a busy week I never need to go to the shops everyday any other time.
Maybe once the panic buying stops we can go back to normal and get what we need in one visit.
My cousin lives in a country town and couldn't get a packet of flour that is just how silly things are.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 21 Mar 2020

Have heard that paint is no longer available. My daughter said she was intended to get paint and I asked what colour panic paint was. I am going to do a online order with my neighbour with the company she uses for her business which has been closed all week. Take care and Good Luck

by rescuer Moderator 20 Mar 2020

We're on day 5 with online school. My child that needs everything the same and predictable is really struggling now. We are mandated by law to 10 people or less, including at health clinics. All needed, but elective, surgeries are postponed. 6 feet of distance between people. We also had an earthquake this week as well as aftershocks. It snowed last night and the week isn't done yet....

asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Mar 2020

Well I really feel for you. Have a virtual hug from the UK. I sure at the moment virtual hugs are OK while the real thing is out

asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Mar 2020

Forgot to say Good Luck

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Mar 2020

40 million people in California are only allowed for trip to grocery store and pharmacy. One can be fined, even though I doubt that would happen at this time.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Mar 2020

One person in the UK on the Isle of Man has been arrested for not conforming/ignoring the advice they have set up on the island.

by kustomkuddle 20 Mar 2020

Our schools have been closed also. The current info is they will be closed until the middle of April, but rumors are that school will not resume until next fall. All that can, are working from home. My husbands office is setting most everyone up with computers to work at home. Only a skeleton crew in the office. Unfortunately (or not as he would be crazy bored at home) he is key in setting these people up and trouble shooting. I do alterations and repairs for the local dry cleaners. They informed me yesterday that they will be closing. Mom is in an independent living, but we can not visit. I have to drop her groceries off at the main door and then they are taken to her. Last week I was able to dispense her medications, but this week I am going to have to train someone at the facility to do it. We are encouraged to stay home and only go out for needed essentials but not mandated to. I do agree with Mops in that life has certainly changed. Life has slowed down tremendously. I am lucky that one of my daughters(niece) and two of her children live with us. We are actually spending time together instead of just passing through! And my sewing room is getting a much needed cleaning.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Mar 2020

My sewing room will get a much needed sort as I did vac the carpet recently. (though it will be get done after the sort)
We are going to have time to think and look and due to where I live I will enjoy our garden and go on walks away from others. Good Luck

by mops Moderator 20 Mar 2020

Welcome to the club. We have had several measures taken by the government aimed at slowing the speed at which the desease spreads, iincreasing in severety during the last three weeks. As no cure is yet available we just have to be careful and follow the guidelines.
It is almost funny to see how life has changed in areas that were not to be discussed three weeks ago. Almost no air traffic where a halt to growing of Amsterdam Airport was out of the question.
Almost empty trains and buses, almost deserted high ways. Schools closed, churches closed, restaurants and so on closed. No visitors allowed in old people homes, very restricted visiting in hospitals, non-essential oprerations cancelled - just imagine you were to have that hip replacement you had been waiting for for six months.
Aren't we lucky not being homeless or worse and being able to stay sane and enjoy our hobbies.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Mar 2020

Mops excellent comments. Life has changed beyond all measure in such a short time, really totally staggering. Good Luck and happy sewing

by stock 20 Mar 2020

they are still keeping the schools open in Australia,it is still very worrying, we are in the country so no virus in this area yet...wendy

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asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Mar 2020

Wendy just keep creating the beautiful work you excel at and hope you stay virus free. Good Luck

by toogie 19 Mar 2020

It’s pretty much like that here. Schools closed after last Friday.after Sunday, We were told to not congregate over 50 people, then 10 people, then stay 6 feet apart. Now told to stay home.
I am glad we can still communicate through technology!

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asterixsew by asterixsew edited 20 Mar 2020

Toogie thanks for your reply and yes isn't it great communicating around the world and hearing what others are going through via our 'technology' Good Luck