by lbrow 17 Mar 2020

I am so thanking you and God tonight. Had my Scan today. The 3 tumors in my left lung had not grown at all they are at this time stable and unchanged and barring any unexpected problems will not have to have another scan for 8 months. This Ca. is not going to put me down anytime soon with all the prayers going up for me. Thank you! Thank you. I am so grateful to you all. Much love to each of you!


by sdrise 18 Mar 2020

Great news!!! Prayers still coming your way!!!

by maleah 18 Mar 2020

I have read most of your post and am so impressed of your outlook. You are a very breve lady. The guardian angels are with you. I will keep praying for you, too

by jrob Moderator 18 Mar 2020

Your spirit of encouraging through your trials is an inspiration to me. Praise Him through the storm. <3 you!

by airyfairy 18 Mar 2020

Such wonderful news Lillian

by vkggal 17 Mar 2020

So happy to hear! God is great! I so admire that you always recognize the blessings! Praying for continued good news!

by sebsews 17 Mar 2020

I am so happy for you! Keep strong!

by graceandham 17 Mar 2020

I'm still doing the happy dance.

by dragonflyer 17 Mar 2020

Splendid news, Miss Lillian....

by noah 17 Mar 2020

Yes Amen God is GOOD :):)hugs xxx

by toogie 17 Mar 2020

God loves a grateful heart! I am happy for you and dearly love you. You are a great witness to what God can do.

by dailylaundry 17 Mar 2020

Just saw this Lillian - Such wonderful news! Praise God From Whom All Blessing Flow! Your attitude says so much - keep it up!! I think of you often and send a prayer for you! Many many hugs! Laura

by cfidl 17 Mar 2020

Bless your heart! You have the perfect attitude! I will do my best to follow your fine example.

by sharonleekesner 17 Mar 2020

Love hearing your positive attitude, it is like sunshine.

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Mar 2020

Good news for you and good to have a positive in our current madness. Take care and enjoy yourself

by graceandham 17 Mar 2020

Whew! I bet you feel like you can breathe again. Ready for some normal again! Kick up your heels. Oh, but take care for your knees. Love you, Sweetie.

by gerryvb 17 Mar 2020

this is wonderful news, take and stay safe.prayers will continue, Hugs 💕

by marianb 17 Mar 2020

Wonderful news, will keep the positive thoughts coming your way.

by pennifold 17 Mar 2020

This is such encouraging news Miss Lillian. I continue to pray for you daily. May our God be by your side always. Love Chris

by rescuer Moderator 17 Mar 2020

I am thankful and happy to see this news! Prayers continue...

by anitapatch 17 Mar 2020

Great news. Take care. Enjoy what you are doing.

by mops Moderator 17 Mar 2020

That's great news. Take care and enjoy. Hugs, Martine.

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Mar 2020

SUPER. I am ready for good news. I am so glad that prayers were answered and no growth was happening. Take care of yourself. Sending hugs