by babash 10 Mar 2020

Just a curious question. Has the rest of the World gone crazy for Toilet paper or is it just Australia?

I haven't seen anything about other countries running out of it.
I haven't seen any in my shopping area for at least 2 weeks even tissues for you nose have all been snapped up.
I am ok as I have enough for some weeks yet so didn't need to panic buy.


by pennyhal2 15 Mar 2020

I think this is called "panic buying." I can still get things online here. I have ordered boxes of paper towels and toliet paper online for years. I did add kleenex as my husband wanted some. He wanted some face masks too and I got a box of that online as well. It's a lot of stuff to store, but at least now I actually have a lot on hand. We eat everything fresh and that will spoil if you buy too much. My concerned is about getting fresh meat and produce. Lots of take out places around here that we do business with and they seem to be doing how many tacos can one eat before they get spoiled?

by zoefzoef 15 Mar 2020

Same in Belgium. Also no milk, rice, pasta...
Restaurants, shops, disco.... are closed. People are asked to work from their homes...
School are closed. Hospitals only ER is open, no visitors allowed....

Stay save everybody!

by ksgram1 15 Mar 2020

I finally figured out why so many people are buying so much toilet paper. When learning of the Corona Virus, most people had the poop scared out of them. Others believed that everything would all come out fine in the end.....while you and I know that this whole situation is pretty crappy.

by bielie 11 Mar 2020

In my town in SA, there are no masks to find anywhere, sanitizer sold out at most places. I still see toilet paper, but because we only have 13 infected cases as of today, it might turn into crazy shopping as the numbers increase.
Take care all Cuties and stay healthy.

by killiecrankie 11 Mar 2020

Went shopping yesterday morning at Erina ,as I walked down towards Baker's Delight to buy our bread,there was a long queue stretching from Aldi which wasn't open yet past a exit ,the butchers, Bakers & a deli.You never see a queue like that unless it is for something in the Wednesday or Saturday specials.
About 30mins later I went in to do our usual shopping ,there was no toilet paper or paper towels , Easter Bunnies & eggs were in residence instead.
Went into a different Aldi today to buy a sim card & while I was looking for the spices I came across a few packets of paper serviettes which surprised me because they are in short supply too ( bought a packet ).Australian grown rice is missing too.

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babash by babash 12 Mar 2020

Got a pack of 12 at Aldi yesterday. Was with my son and couldn't help smiling as I looked and said to him almost everyone in the shop has a pack under their arm.

by crafter2243 Moderator 11 Mar 2020

None to be had in California along with rice, disinfecting wipes and bleach. Crazy

by jrob Moderator 10 Mar 2020

I’ve stopped shaking hands. If everyone’s out of toilet paper 🧻!

babash by babash 10 Mar 2020

I think we all are changing from a handshake or a hug to a nod. Better safe than sorry.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 edited 11 Mar 2020

Ha, ha. Leave it up to Jerrilyn to add some humor
to the situation. Now I am so happy about my Christmas present - Bidet. No more toilet paper needed.

marianb by marianb 11 Mar 2020

watch there will be a run on Bidet's next

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by shirley124 edited 10 Mar 2020

Not so bad here in Tassie. Hubby said there was plenty on the shelf when he went shopping yesterday. But there is a sign out at the butchers just down the road offering a free toilet roll if you spend $50.

babash by babash 10 Mar 2020

How funny in another time I would think if the Butcher is offering you a toilet roll if you buy his meat there could be something wrong with it.

shirley124 by shirley124 10 Mar 2020


crafter2243 by crafter2243 10 Mar 2020

Smart merchants. Heard on the news that one newspaper is adding 8 extra blank pages to their daily paper. That should increase the circulation.

by queenofhearts 10 Mar 2020

We have crazy people in the USA hoarding some items too. Bottled water too in addition to the other things already mentioned here.

babash by babash 10 Mar 2020

They had a segment on TV with all the things you should have in case you have to quarantine yourself at home for 14 days. No way could we ever eat that amount of food.
Years ago I caught a very bad Flu and ended up in Hospital twice with it. My appetite was nil a cup of black tea was all I wanted.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 10 Mar 2020

Ha ha. Toilet paper would not be on my menu.

by asterixsew Moderator 10 Mar 2020

Yes from the UK. Kitchen roll, paper hankies, toilet roll, anti bacterial soap, hand sanitiser and antiseptic wipes are all being rationed. The chemist shop also is rationing the above. Apparently people are taking loo rolls from public toilets too...

asterixsew by asterixsew 10 Mar 2020

Apparently in the U K there is a higher demand for freezers than usual. I was collecting the boys from school today and I went into two shops both very low on loo rolls. A customer was asking for a specific brand of loo roll in one shop and there was only 1 packet of 24 for sale. She said she was desperate but declined to buy as it’s not my usual brand! Made me laugh

babash by babash 10 Mar 2020

She couldn't have been to desperate.
They have finally started rationing here which should make it so much better.

by cfidl 10 Mar 2020

Yes, my grocery store had 20 feet of empty space. The pharmacy sign said no sanitizer, masks or gloves.

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babash by babash 10 Mar 2020

Most are like that here.

by marianb 10 Mar 2020

My niece in Hong Kong says they are having trouble getting loo paper. Not sure if I should take a supply with me when we visit the Canada and the United States in 2months time :) just kidding. Surely this can't go one for to much longer.

babash by babash 10 Mar 2020

Maybe you should. Heard today on TV that Hotel guests when checking out were taking the Loo paper with them.
It used to be the soaps and shampoo

marianb by marianb 11 Mar 2020

Oh my where will it all end.