by graceandham 07 Mar 2020

Christmas 2020 - For those in our fold like Pennifold, who are forging forward into stitching for December, I would like to offer a word of encouragement to the procrastinators and laggards in our group. I have just found the last never-wrapped Christmas gift for 2019. It was not a stitchout, but rather a purchased gift for one son. I know he'll be thrilled that the gift really does exist.


by gerryvb 09 Mar 2020

thank you for the laugh, but please let we have summer first. Bye the way sometimes I forget it too I already had a gift for someone and than make or buy found out later I already had something ....

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graceandham by graceandham 09 Mar 2020

Have a great summer!

by pennifold 09 Mar 2020

Ha ha ha Betsey, I've done that many times. I now have a couple of shelves in my wardrobe filled with Christmas and birthday gifts, and that way I always have something on hand in case I've forgotten to buy a gift for one of the family. I hope your son loves his gift. Love Chris

by marianb 09 Mar 2020

Can't help but laugh this is me all over, I even misplace birthday gifts as I try to buy in advance.

by cfidl 09 Mar 2020

I still have my star in the window. I thought about making a red heart with lights for Valentines day, a shamrock, a flag for the 4th of July etc... Lol! I have found gifts in the past that were never given. Now I keep them in the stock pile until wrapping time.

by lbrow 09 Mar 2020

Can't help but laugh Betsey. Same thing happened to me once but took almost 9 months to accidently find it while looking for something else. Since I buy and make all during the year my daughter's suggestion was purchase a bin and put gifts only in it . It works for me. Keep the bin in bottom of a closet mostly used for storage only. Q

marianb by marianb 09 Mar 2020

good idea..

graceandham by graceandham 09 Mar 2020

Lillian so glad to see you pop up! I have been concerned, which means deep in prayer. How are you feeling?

by noah 08 Mar 2020

You will make him smile I AM:);)

by sewmadau 08 Mar 2020

Christmas oh no not yet please. Still recovering from 2019 LOL

by hightechgrammy 08 Mar 2020

I just took down our Christmas tree and decorations on Thursday!

graceandham by graceandham 08 Mar 2020

Thank you, Soul Mate.

gerryb by gerryb 08 Mar 2020

Took my angel tree down that I'd turned into a Valentine tree for the little I wish I hadn't! It could be an Easter tree!

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Mar 2020

I can not even think about stitching for Christmas. Trying to do my Income tax return. You made me laugh. Thanks