by sewmadau 05 Mar 2020

I have Embird and I have a problem. Not sure what I have done but every time I look at a design in Embird it is now showing all the colour thread stops, normally it is just the designs with the stops, I just cannot work out how to fix it. Can anyone help me please. It was working fine until a couple of days ago.


by dragonflyer 07 Mar 2020

Okay... got it... Go to Options, Iconizer Settings, uncheck Color List on the right hand side... It will not affect the current design, refresh your screen or select another design to preview and the color thread list should be gone.....

by dragonflyer 07 Mar 2020

Well, in trying to help you... I did not have the thread colors showing in the preview window on the right side of Manager...I went to Options to see if I could figure out what you were seeing... I de-selected "Hide Main Toolbar" and the thread colors showed up next to the image in the preview box on the right side...Thought I had it figured out...UNTIL I went back and re-selected the Main Toolbar.. thought the thread colors would disappear... BUT they are still there... so now I am in the same boat as you are... I can't get them to go away...

by cece1 07 Mar 2020

Not sure what you are seeing, but try this: In manager, click "Options" in the tool bar, then "show", play around with the various options to see if any get rid of the annoying view. Hugs, Cece

by sewmadau 07 Mar 2020

Thank you Sewdoctor for your help. I did what you suggested but I don't have a view tab in Manager.

The colours stops are just annoying, as before I have no idea what I have done.

by sewdoctor 05 Mar 2020

In Manager, go to view at the top of the on it and in the drop down menu, unclick commands....that should take care of it

sewdoctor by sewdoctor 05 Mar 2020

Sometimes the cursor goes wild and we click on things without knowing!

dragonflyer by dragonflyer edited 05 Mar 2020

Hmmm, I just looked at my top bar in Manager and I don't have a View tab...??? Their is a "View" in the Right Panel drop down but no "commands" to select or unselect....

sewdoctor by sewdoctor edited 07 Mar 2020

I am so sorry it is in Editor....go there, you will find view between mode and insert.... and follow my will work I promise!

by dragonflyer 05 Mar 2020

Hmmm, not sure exactly what you are looking at...perhaps a screen shot would help...