by jenne 21 Feb 2020

MY sister -in-law died not quiet a year ago ,the family ask me to make a quilt from the dresses she wore, at first they only brought me the small prints and not very many so I thought a string quilt would be the best for that kind of fabric, later I asked for some solid and they gave me the ones you see in the quilt. I had it machine quilted but the lady did not do a great job, but then she did not charge a great deal either, I got sick while working on it, but it is finished now will get it to the family soon.(The black shames are mine just to help the picture look better)


by gerryvb 28 Feb 2020

what a lovely and wonderful thought, and a very special memory quilt , I love the idea the family asked to make this from her favorite dresses. I never would have thought of that, beautiful.

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jenne by jenne 29 Feb 2020

Thanks, she had one daughter and one gran daughter she loved it.

by sewpam 28 Feb 2020

What a beautiful quilt! There will be many memories as they look at each piece of fabric.

by brendalea 23 Feb 2020

Lovely memory quilt. Family will treasure it.
Happy Stitching :-)

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jenne by jenne 25 Feb 2020

I heard back from some of the family and they love it.

by sebsews 22 Feb 2020

I think you have created a beautiful memory quilt.

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jenne by jenne 22 Feb 2020

Thanks, I hope the family like it.

by dragonflyer 22 Feb 2020

Beautiful job, Jenne and a wonderful remembrance for your family...

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jenne by jenne edited 22 Feb 2020

Thank you, glad to get it done.

by mrskiki 22 Feb 2020

Lovely. The family will be thrilled. Hugs. Na

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jenne by jenne 22 Feb 2020

I hope so, thanks.

by graceandham 21 Feb 2020

What a lovely thing for them to have to think of her.

by noah 21 Feb 2020

Awesome i love her Quilting hugs xx

jenne by jenne 22 Feb 2020

will to be honest with u I think hand quilting is so much prettier but it takes so long to do I don't hand quilt as much these day's

noah by noah 28 Feb 2020

Oh i agree i loved it to till i got am embroidery machine lol

by toogie 21 Feb 2020

You did a good job.I really like the small prints and the quilting looks fine to me.... My daughter had posted the quilts I made all the guys for Christmas, on her Facebook page. Also stating in the post, her mom did not do this for the public, I was just doing it for family. Then a young lady commented would I make a memory quilt for her?!...Makes one think, do they ever READ the post or just look at photos.

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jenne by jenne 21 Feb 2020

I think maybe they just skim through the post like you said looking at the photos.

by asterixsew Moderator 21 Feb 2020

A beautiful quilt which will be a great reminder of your sister in law.