by EverythingArtistic 06 Feb 2020

I just got a Husqvarna Topaz 50. I need to embroider a short poem. I am not ready to purchase the software for $500-2000. Is there a service where I could have the file saved for my machine?


by awesome1 07 Feb 2020

Are you registered at Go there and ask one of the members to digitize the poem for is the free digitizing section on the main forum page. You might have to wait for someone to see your request--it is not a very busy site. Even I could do that for you!

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by noah edited 07 Feb 2020

Also it has a port on the right side put a few designs on a usb stick and plug it in and it will sew them ok

by noah 06 Feb 2020

buy sew what pro it is only 65 bucks and does all thats what i use

by powagrl 06 Feb 2020

Embrilliance offers a free software program for lettering called Embrilliance Express.

You can use purchased files in the BX format to type in your lettering.

Here is a list of BX Designers

by dragonflyer 06 Feb 2020

Big welcome to Cute.... I see that Cuties have responded to your request. Chris (pennifold) has given you good tips with links for your machine. Let us know how you get on and please post your design poem in Projects when you get it done....

by pennifold 06 Feb 2020

Good morning EverythingArtistic, I've put a link up for the Model you have. There is lettering inbuilt into the machine. If you check on the internet there are quite a few videos showing you how to do things. Welcome to this great site. Love Chris, Newcastle, Australia

by asterixsew Moderator 06 Feb 2020

Hi and thanks for posting your question here. I removed your other post. Welcome to Cute. Noah who has replied about using her machine is a great person to ask questions about your machine too as in her winter months her machine is on the go all the time. Mops also is very experienced. I know nothing about the machine in question as I own Brother machines.

by mops Moderator 06 Feb 2020

Does not the Topaz have built-in lettering? You can probably save a design in your machines memory or even on an USB stick - it could on my 1998 Designer1 (that worked with 3.5" diskettes). So expect the Topaz to have the same feature. Have a look in your user's manual.

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mops by mops edited 06 Feb 2020

I had a look on-line at the manual. Page 76 tells you how to save a design, and page 90 and onward give far more info about File Manager - not only how to save a design in folders but also how to organise them.
Try making something simple like your initials, stitch it, save it, retriev it. Once you know how-to try your poem.
Success and have fun,

by noah 06 Feb 2020

i love that machine i used mine daily hugs and welcome to cute:):)