by noah 10 Jan 2020

For those of you that have never seen or shoveled snow, I thought I would show you the front of my house and the driveway where I shovel every day it snows. Believe me, it is no easy task but I thank God I am strong and able to do this :):)You can see where I shovel the snow into the middle of the driveway from top to bottom then I use the 4 Wheeler to put it to the bottom and side where I store it .Can You see Mr. Peeko On the step watching me lol???


by graceandham 11 Jan 2020

Thanks for the gorgeous pictures. I prefer admiring snow from afar. Still raking leaves here - will finish up dropping sometime this month, then 1-2 months off for good behavior.

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noah by noah 11 Jan 2020

lol much easier then doing snow!!!

by teun 11 Jan 2020

Wow.Sieht nach Winter aus.Hier in Deutschland keine Spur von Winter.

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noah by noah 11 Jan 2020

Thanks for looking hugs xxx

by meganne 11 Jan 2020


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noah by noah 11 Jan 2020

Yep lots of work to keep me in shape lol

by sewtired 10 Jan 2020

A lot of work, but it is beautiful. When I lived in West Virginia, I used to complain about winters without snow. My thoughts were what was the use of cold weather without snow. We had one winter where every time it got cold, it was dry and every time it warmed up it would rain. I had no use for cold dreary rain! Plus, Spring is so wonderful after a nice cold winter. I do miss Spring.

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noah by noah 11 Jan 2020

I love spring and fall smells:):)Thanks hugs xx

by shirley124 10 Jan 2020

I am just shivering looking at all that snow. I do not know how you cope with it. Looks like you will be shoveling for a while yet. Keep warm. Hugs

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noah by noah 10 Jan 2020

Yes 4 sure now u know why i hate winter lol hugs

by mranderson 10 Jan 2020

NOW I can stop complaining about the heat here in Australia. What a lot of work snow creates, don't think I could live with it. On saying that I look forward to your photos each year. You deserve a medal. Hugs Marg

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noah by noah 10 Jan 2020

Ahhhhhhh thanks for your kind words Marg it is what u get used to right???hugs

by vickiannette 10 Jan 2020

think I'd rather sweat in the tropics.....but then again ?? Do love a nice warm house in the Winter. Love your 4 wheeler and snow plough. xx

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noah by noah 10 Jan 2020

Thanks it works well hugs

by asterixsew Moderator 10 Jan 2020

Carolyn after reading about your daily efforts with the snow I am impressed that you have the time and energy to sew

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noah by noah 10 Jan 2020

REMEMBER i am high energy!!!

by pennyhal2 10 Jan 2020

I must be crazy as winter is my favorite season, especially when I lived where it snowed a lot. That's a cool plow you have to help out.

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noah by noah 10 Jan 2020

Yep my son bought it and other son bought the plow lol

by AuntAnnie 10 Jan 2020

We're expecting up to 1' over the next two days with temps dropping below 0F. May have to hire a plow to dig us out.

noah by noah 10 Jan 2020

Lol I am great at plowing I will come over and I get lots of practice too:):)lol Hugs

AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 11 Jan 2020

Drifts, too?

by dragonflyer 10 Jan 2020

Phewwww....I am tired just looking at the pictures~

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noah by noah 10 Jan 2020

No kidding i am tired when done till i cool off as u get very heated up pushing snow .