by meganne 09 Jan 2020

My dear Cute family, I believe most of you know that Yoriko, (Manami), is very sick, but you may not know that her doctors have given her only six months to live, without a lung transplant.

She is trying to stay positive but it must be extremely difficult facing each day, praying for a miracle, knowing someone has to die for you to live.

She is on oxygen 24/7 and is suffering terrible back pain but she is trying so hard to stay positive.

I would love to see her flooded with FSL lace Angels from all our Cute members, all over the world.
Yoriko shared so much and so willingly with all of us, it would cost us so little but would mean so much to her.

Her precious son Hideru had been visiting from Japan but had to go back, so she needs our love and support, more than ever, right now.

I know first hand how awesome it feels and how uplifting it is, when Angels and messages of support start arriving from fellow Cuties.

Please, if you wish to contribute, please PM me for her address.

Thank you for taking the time to read this plea.
Hugs n roses, Meg


by lbrow 13 Jan 2020

Meg just got back from my cruise. Had no internet. Please,please send me her address. Much love. Lillian

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meganne by meganne 13 Jan 2020

Will do Miss Lillian and thank you so very much. Huge hugs xxxx

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by meganne edited 13 Jan 2020

My sincere thanks to some wonderful Cuties who have responded and are going to send FSL Angels to Yoriko, but I am deeply saddened that the response has been so low..... out of all the Cuties we have here, only 11 have volunteered to do this.

Maybe some Cuties would be able to send just a card, with a prayer, or a wish, for her to receive her transplant ? Yoriko is quite open to talking about her situation.

I was truly hoping she would be flooded with positive messages.

For those Cuties who don't know who Yoriko, (Manami) is, she started out here at Cute, quite a long time ago now, and she regularly contributed designs when we had the "designs by Cuties" pages.
She then went on to set up the original, My Garden Embroidery Design website, where she gave out a free design every day, giving away whole alphabets. And I don't think she ever said no if someone needed a design digitised.

I do hope more Cuties will send her a little message of comfort, or prayer, or just to say hello, we're thinking of you.........

by maleah 10 Jan 2020

Dear Meganne, Thank you for keeping us informed about Yoriko. Please let her know she is in my prayers - along with you . God bless you for being so kind.

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meganne by meganne 10 Jan 2020

Thanks Maleah, I will pass it on but you can message her on FaceBook Messenger, under Yoriko Kuwahara, if you would like to talk to her.
hugs n roses, Meg

by eyeztodiefor10 10 Jan 2020

I can't figure out how to pm you. I haven't done that in a long time. I'd love to have Yoriko's mailing address. Is it possible for you to get a message to me with this info? I didn't know she was sick. I can't imagine being in her spot right now. If an angel will cheer her up then I will be happy to send one to her. Thanks,

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meganne by meganne 10 Jan 2020

I'll PM you Meri, just look at the top centre right of your screen where it says: Inbox
Hugs Meg

by noah 09 Jan 2020

I would be happy to send her one :):)

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meganne by meganne 11 Jan 2020

Thanks Carolyn, I'm so glad your own news is positive. Huge hugs, Meg

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Jan 2020

Absolutely. The FSL angels she had created have given so much joy to so many people over the years, she most certainly should receive some too. Just send me a PM with her info.

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meganne by meganne 11 Jan 2020

Thanks Kim, I know they will give her a boost, just knowing people care can make a huge difference.
Huge hugs, M

by stork 09 Jan 2020

So sorry that she is doing so poorly. Prayers. Sent you a message. Thank you for heading this up!

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meganne by meganne 11 Jan 2020

Thank you Stork, I know our messages will help. hugs, Meg