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by parkermom ( edited 31 Dec 2019 ) 31 Dec 2019

I wanted to share what I have chosen as my goal this next year. I hope I can develop this habit. This is a quote from a designer's email newsletter. I'm not sure I can share the name, but this message is so great that I wanted all of us to read it. Here's the quote:

" Whatever you are stitching, I do want to remind you that YOU are a good maker. You have incredible technology at your fingertips and are capable of creating beautiful things from your heart. I know that the enemy loves to steal our joy and lie to our hearts about the quality of the beautiful handmade gifts we are making, but I want to encourage you all that when you make something for someone, you are reflecting the very creative nature of the image of God the creator. You make beautiful things and his light shines through you when you pour your heart into the work of your hands. Keep on making friends! I have to say it to myself as often as I remember to, because I so quickly forget. But it's true. You are a good maker and you can make beautiful things with embroidery. I pray that whatever last minute gifts you are creating will be received with JOY and LOVE and that you will be satisfied with the giving of good gifts to your family and friends."

And, just for a cuteness bonus, this is my oldest daughter Meagan and my granddaughter Riley. Meagan is a widow, (it wasn't Riley's father) and she has had a tough year. But she has persevered and is raising a happy, strong, loving child, and the importance of God is back in their lives. Yay!!


by clintonmiss22 02 Jan 2020

When I sew, I pray for the one that I am making the item for. It seems to me to make it more beautiful. The large quilt I made recently took a lot of prayers - some for me, too, to be able to finish it with a good attitude. I feel the young man was covered in prayers when I finished and I was pleased with my work.
Beautiful picture of daughter and grandchild!

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parkermom by parkermom 02 Jan 2020

When I know that I am making something for someone in particular, I try to lift them up in prayer. I need to pray for myself a little more often--I often forget that part of self-care. Thank you for your kind words about my daughter and granddaughter.

by kustomkuddle 02 Jan 2020

Thank you for reminding sharing this quote with us. It is a wonderful reminder of where or creativity comes from and as I am my own worst critique, I really need to start thinking differently. Your daughter and Riley are beautiful.

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parkermom by parkermom 02 Jan 2020

I am forever putting myself down, or dismissing the things that I make as unimportant. I wouldn't do that to anyone else; so why do I do that to myself? Gonna work on that.

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by lbrow edited 01 Jan 2020

How beautiful they both are. God was the original creator. We all have a gift .Creating is something we all can do in some way shape or form. Some have more talent in sewing and different forms of needle work. Others in many other things such as being a good friend. It's within we need only realize it. Thank you for sharing these 2 beauties with us.

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parkermom by parkermom 01 Jan 2020

Thank you. It seems I can recognize gifts in others, but I have a difficult time finding it within myself. I am going to try to accept, enjoy, and worship with my inner gifts.

by toogie 01 Jan 2020

I always enjoy seeing pictures of Riley. I just love her curls! I can see the red hair comes from your beautiful daughter, too. I am glad Meagan is 'out of the valley' so to speak and realizes God got her through. I wish her all the best this new year and you as well.
I love making things and somehow when I do, I think I feel close to God. I think of all his creations and how it was good. Not that I can create because I can't take from thin air-lol I can make something from a piece of fabric tho and look at it in amazement sometimes because it started with a flat piece of fabric and think it is good. I try to honor Him with the talents he gave me, by sharing with others.
Give that little one a big hug from me and Meagan too.-Toogie

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parkermom by parkermom 01 Jan 2020

You are very fortunate that your communion with God comes easy for you when you create. For me, I have to actively work at it. I’m praying that it comes a little more easily for me in this new year, now that perhaps I have a little more wisdom to look for it.
Those hugs for Riley and Meagan are so much fun!

by cfidl 01 Jan 2020

Thank you for the quote and sharing your daughter's story. I forget sometimes and let depression and anxiety run rampant. I will create the beauty and useful items to the best of my ability and I too am grateful for everyday I can stitch. I would rather stitch than cry.

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parkermom by parkermom 01 Jan 2020

You are right, it’s so much better to stitch than to cry. I do well taking antidepressants, but some days it gets the best of me. I believe the chronic pain I live with is the reason for my down days. But I’m going to work at reveling in the great creations of God this year. Thanks!

by mrskiki 01 Jan 2020

Thank you for this wonderful reminder. There are times we all a reminder that we have worth. And the girls are both beautiful. Enjoy and Happy New Year. Hugs. Nan

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parkermom by parkermom 01 Jan 2020

We all do need that reminder of our worth. I’m going to print that quote out and put it in my sewing room.
As for my girls, I love them so much. And I am so grateful for them. Happy New Year to you also!

by jrob Moderator 01 Jan 2020

This is a picture of love. How precious.
I love the red hair and am jealous!
That is a sweet quote and one we so often need remind ourselves. Thank you for sharing it.

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parkermom by parkermom 01 Jan 2020

Thank you. When I look at that picture, my heart just swells. I’m so glad that we live close enough to be very present in their lives.

by zoefzoef 01 Jan 2020

Nice to read such nice things in the beginning of a new year !
I wish you an d all of your friends, family,.. a super 2020
Love Linda

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parkermom by parkermom 01 Jan 2020

Thank you. And happy New Year to you and your family too!

by pennifold 31 Dec 2019

Jenny, such beautiful words and so true. We are all putty in the hands of the Potter. I thank Him for my talents every day and also for those who do any kind of artistic work. God only knows what we've been through. Your daughter and grand-daughter are gorgeous, such a lovely photo of them both. Happy New Year to you all and may 2020 bring you heartfelt joy and peace. Love Chris

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parkermom by parkermom 31 Dec 2019

Thank you. I am not great with words, but that paragraph spoke volumes to me. I have struggled with depression for most of my adult life, and along with that comes serious self-esteem issues. If I even speak out loud the words that I am worth it, or that what I do is worthy, it makes tears fall.. I'm going to work hard on that from now on.

by stork 31 Dec 2019

Great message....I always try to remember that God is the one who gave me my gifts and that I need to do my best and create for him.
Love the photo!! Happy New Year!

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parkermom by parkermom 31 Dec 2019

I used to believe that I wasn't artistic at all, that really all I did was follow directions. I know now that it isn't true, but it is a difficult concept to overcome.

Happy New Year to you!

by dailylaundry 31 Dec 2019

What a wonderful message! Thank you, I needed it!
Love the picture - aren't they beautiful - the love shins through!!
Happy New Year! Hugs, Laura

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parkermom by parkermom 31 Dec 2019

I needed those words for sure.
Meagan and Riley are two of the joys of my heart. Riley can wear me out on the day that I keep her, but then a day or so later I miss her so much! Happy New Year to you also!

by graceandham 31 Dec 2019

What a wonderful picture!

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parkermom by parkermom 31 Dec 2019

Thank you. Riley was so proud because she had learned how to kiss! She loves to gather us all together and have a group hug.

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by noah edited 31 Dec 2019

Thanks very much ,Yes God has no hands to use , so he uses mine and yours . God is love and when we create we create through him Blessings to you and yours may the Love ,Peace and Joy rest and abide upon you forevermore Amen!!!Hugs Carolyn From Canada xxx

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parkermom by parkermom 31 Dec 2019

I do so love your words! Riley will tell anyone who asks that she asked Jesus to live in her heart (what joy that gives!) and she says that in there, Jesus doesn't even have armpits or shoulders, 'cause there isn't any room! I love to see her bow her little head in prayer. One time, after we said grace, she kept her head bowed and told us she was talking to God in her head. The wisdom of a child.

by crafter2243 Moderator 31 Dec 2019

Love it.
So many of us hardly own some of our own creations. The joy of making something for others is what keeps me happy.

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parkermom by parkermom 31 Dec 2019

I have a zipper bag that I made, and one dishtowel that I have embroidered and that is all. I get a lot more pleasure out of making and giving.