by theduchess 28 Dec 2019

Im looking to see if ANYONE can do this design for me.

PLEASe let me know.


by mrskiki 29 Dec 2019

Check Not exactly but the saying is the same. And I am sure you can find tea cups if you want to add to the design. Hugs. Nan

by sewmadau 28 Dec 2019

Great saying. Is there a reason you can't use the alphabet from your embroidery machine and put the wording around the teacups. If you are like the rest of us you must have a teacup or teacup stack. Just a thought.

by dragonflyer 28 Dec 2019

This is a very famous quote that many claim to have coined, one was Eleanor Roosevelt although I think it was used by many before her time... I have not found who actually originated this famous line... If it is just the wording you want, I would be happy to do it for you....

rescuer by rescuer 28 Dec 2019

Any teacup design would work alongside the words.
I like the is often true!

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 28 Dec 2019

Yes, but unless I actually digitized the teacup, unfortunately it would be considered sharing a design file...thus, I can do the wording as I do not have any spare time to digitize the teacups....

rescuer by rescuer 28 Dec 2019

Sorry, I meant that she could add a teacup from her own stash or purchase one to go alongside the words.

I need to stop posting when I am ill...

toogie by toogie 28 Dec 2019

Sorry to hear you are sick rescuer. I understood what you meant about adding a teacup design and said as much below. Hope you get well soon!

rescuer by rescuer 29 Dec 2019

Thank you toogie. I hope you stay well. You do so much for so many...

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 29 Dec 2019

Sorry you are not feeling well, Rescuer...hope you feel better soon...I just wanted to make sure that it was understood that I was only offering the worries!

by toogie 28 Dec 2019

lol-I can't but I do enjoy the saying!
Do you have a program to put letters together? You could do the saying and add a cup design. The stacked cups remind me of embroidery library designs, but theirs are usually thick with stitch count. Good luck with your search.

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toogie by toogie 28 Dec 2019

nope, don't see it there. They do have some stacked cups....