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by anitapatch ( edited 16 Dec 2019 ) 16 Dec 2019

Made this bag in black linen for my sister. The lace I used is from her mother in law and from our mother and the lace in the middle is from my mother in laws mother all handmade. I reused zipper and the holders from a Desigualbag i once had. I also used hamp cord and two threadbuttons I once made.


by dailylaundry 16 Dec 2019

This is a wonderful bag - and I love how you have repurposed items to make it. Well done! Hugs!

by graceandham 16 Dec 2019

Love your bag with lace. What a story it tells!

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Dec 2019

This will always have a special meaning for your sister. Well done

by anitapatch 16 Dec 2019

just altered the bag, now no corners. And show you the keyrings one for my sister and one for my brother. The one with ducks, my sister had ducs on her wallpapers in the house she sold last year and my brother had this ribbon on trousers our mother mad for him when he was Young. The tablecloth for christmas was made by our mother in crosstich years ago

by sewdeb 16 Dec 2019

Wow, what a wonderful treasure you have created!

by dragonflyer 16 Dec 2019

Lovely bag and great re-purposing!