by graceandham 01 Dec 2019

Sloping shoulders? Well, you know how expensive buying shoulder pads is. I have discovered I can get a pair of shoulder pads cheaper by buying a jacket at the Salvation Army, even if I just snip the threads and donate the jacket back! Tonight I have been adding shoulder pads into some of my clothing to improve the look. Also, have had 2 friends in the past with huffy shoulders who immediately removed shoulder pads upon purchase of clothing and donated them to me!

While I'm scrimping, cotton is up to $14 per yard here, new at the fabric store. There are beautiful all cotton shirts at the Goodwill that I can cut up for quilts at approximately 10 cents per yard of yielded fabric - really!


by marianb 02 Dec 2019

Being thrifty always pays off love your ideas.

by dollygk 01 Dec 2019

This also works for buttons..... a card of 3 or 4 cost a lot these days but you can get really pretty buttons at the thrift shops on blouses or jackets!!

by babash 01 Dec 2019

I have a bag full here donated by sister in law years ago. Would pass them on if closer.
I have even made shoulder pads myself easy enough if you have a serger.