by noah 5d ago

Kim helped me with design a few months ago and a Lobby took it on me lol I wanted it for myself for at camp as u can buy placemats to match,So i made me one and i will hide it !!! Thanks for LQQKING!!!Hugs Carolyn


by lidiad 2d ago

He he he.... You couldn't say no to your granddaughter, could you?
Hugs, Lidia

by sonjapotgieter 2d ago


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noah by noah 2d ago


by blueeyedblonde 3d ago

Very cute!

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noah by noah 2d ago

Thanks and it is mine

by dragonflyer 5d ago

Another great stitch out, Carolyn... Hide it well!! I am sure if you don't it will disappear just as fast as the last one!

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noah by noah 5d ago

yes my Granddaughter took it lol