by basketkase 30 Sep 2019

I have to share this with you all........yesterday I gave Andi the 2 kitty strollers I have as none of the kitties we have now will tolerate being in them......Graycie and Charlie used to love going out on our front porch in these....

her daughter was so excited about the strollers she put her newer kitty, Linus, in it and walked him to her school bus stop....her dad went with so he could walk Linus home.....look how proud she is to have him with her.......just love this kid!!


by noah 02 Oct 2019

cute 4 sure hugs xx

by toogie 02 Oct 2019

This looks like fun!

by kustomkuddle 01 Oct 2019

How awesome is that! Look how proud she is. Looks like Linus is loving it too!

by airyfairy 01 Oct 2019

What a beautiful photograph

by shozo1271 01 Oct 2019

OMGoodness... I can't believe Andis daughter is this grown up already. She is a beautiful girl! Linus is busy checking out the scenery. lol How adorable they both are!

by gerryvb 01 Oct 2019

wow, a kitty stroller is new for me. But it seems that the girl and the kitty both love it !

by marianb 01 Oct 2019

Wow I haven't seen a Kitty stroller before. Looks like Linus will be getting walked often.

by pennifold 30 Sep 2019

Such a happy little girl and one contented cat! Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 30 Sep 2019

How sweet. Kitty looks happy observing the scenery.

by dailylaundry 30 Sep 2019

You just have to love this picture - everyone seems so content and pleased! Sweet!!

by sewincat 30 Sep 2019

I love it! Makes you both happy you did it.... Cute