by pennyhal2 30 Sep 2019

As they say, it never rains but it pours. First my computer got hacked, then my husband ended up in the hospital.

Not quite sure about exactly what happened except the bad guys put a "ransom" program on my computer. Of course, I did not pay the ransom (be careful if someone asks for gift cards or your bank account) and they crashed my computer in retribution. Had to take it to the computer store twice to get the codes out of the computer and I was able to save my data. However, I could not get it wired up right and could not get the router to talk to the computer. So, be sure to back up your computer often!!!

So, as I'm trying to sort this out, my husband had a very bad infection in his pacemaker, but not anywhere else in his body. So, he was in the hospital for two weeks and in and out again for another three weeks. They removed the old pacemaker, left the leads in, then inserted a micra pacemaker. That's a pacemaker that is about the size of a vitamin pill. They go through a vein in the groin and drop it into a lower chamber of the heart. It has no leads.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get the "Geek Squad" (the guys who work with Best Buy that come to your house to fix computer problems) to come to the house to fix my computer problems. However, every time I made an appointment for them, my husband ended up in the ER.

The good news is that my husband is home and well, my computers are now all fixed...(except I can't get the sound to work yet)...and a breeder called and said that she has a puppy for me!

I've been looking for just the right corgi for almost a year now. I admit that I am picky about the dogs I get and this time I needed a breeder who would help me get a puppy that will fit into my family and the two corgis I already have. Mission accomplished!


by pennifold 30 Sep 2019

Well done to you Penny for finally getting everything working. I'm so happy your husband is doing well too. Isn't that micro surgery amazing? Where would we be with out our computers these days too? Love Chris

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 01 Oct 2019

At first I was skeptical that a micra pacemaker worked without any leads. But, there it sits inside his heart and working better than any of the other pacemakers he's had.

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by dailylaundry edited 30 Sep 2019

My laptop mother board died on me about two weeks ago. I was lucky that the Geek Sq. was able to copy my data for me. Starting and organizing a new laptop is not fun but I am close to where I was before. But, for all of that to happen while you had a sick hubby must have been very difficult! Hope your hubby is doing much better! Kudos for not giving in to the ransom!! And congrats on the new puppy!! Hugs - you need it!!!

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 01 Oct 2019

Oh dear! I hate computer problems because I can't fix them myself! Hubby is, thankfully, back to normal, and I get my puppy in two weeks.

by crafter2243 Moderator 30 Sep 2019

I am so glad that all the bad things turned out to be OK in the end. It is a good reminder to back up the computer often, so you can snub your nose at the hackers. Mostly I am happy that your husband is well now but it had to be scary. Now all that is left, is to enjoy your new pup. All is well.

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 01 Oct 2019

As they say, alll's well that ends well!