by parkermom 24 Sep 2019

Just a small rant...Why oh why do so many designers violate copyright so freely? I run across a new site and dive in, only to find that they are another site on the no-no list. And the comments some people make on those sites show that they know what they're doing, and just don't care.


by kustomkuddle 25 Sep 2019

It is easy for them to get away with it. I contacted one company of seeing one of their designs on another site. They thanked me for letting them know, however, these infractions are occurring so frequently that they could not afford to take legal action against them all. So sad that these designers that put so much effort into their craft are being taken advantage of.

by stork 25 Sep 2019

It seems to be more rampant than in years past......sad.

by AuntAnnie 24 Sep 2019

The reason is because it is lucrative. Customers can--and should--contact the copyright owners to share their concern. I have reported a couple of violators and know that at least one site was removed following my report (which likely was only one of many).

by mops Moderator 24 Sep 2019

It is amazing and quite shocking.