by sewfrenzie 12d ago

Hello everyone! Its been a while since I last posted because I've been so busy the last 16 months. We sold our property, (house and Business shop) and its been non stop go go go ever since. It has slowed just a wee bit this summer. And I'm hoping to see it slow down even more come next summer. We started building a new house in July and moved in mid October. In the mean time we lived in our RV. So not quite homeless last summer, haha. So now we're busy trying to get the finishing touches done, and that seems to be a never ending project on its own. Just wanted to stop in a say hello everyone!



by airyfairy 9d ago

All the very best to you in your nw home

by cfidl 10d ago

and where are the pics? We do love seeing new houses. I watch all the fixer upper shows. Lol!

by pennifold 11d ago

Congratulations Diane on all that you have achieved over the past 16 months. I pray that you are having a great time in your new home and look forward to some pictures. Love Chris

by sebsews 11d ago

Happy to see you have a bit of time to check in with Cute! We are waiting to see pictures of your new home, hopefully with a sewing room.

by graceandham 12d ago

The ultimate test of either the RV or your patience and calm. Glad to hear of your new adventures and hope you love your new home. Will it have one of those Ultimate Sewing Rooms? We want pictures when you get to that point.

by crafter2243 Moderator 12d ago

I am glad you stopped by and let us know what you have been up to. Sounds exciting. I hope you enjoy your new home. Does it have a sewing room? Looking forward to your next post