by barba 29 Aug 2019

Good evening to all. I uninstalled my 2017 embird program and installed the new 2019 update. My program is working perfectly, passwords installed with no issues. My problem is that when I uninstalled the 2017 embird it changed the text in my folders and on my desktop to extremely small. I have gone all around the settings and can only find how to enlarge icons and text. My setting is still at the 125% that it has always been. My icons are large enough it is the text I can barely see. It is this way on all my folders and desktop. I have rebooted my computer several times hoping it would return to normal and it has not. Can someone please point me in the direction to enlarge only text? Microsoft Edge and my mail are fine. They are the same as always. Thank you so very much for any advise and help.


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by rescuer Moderator edited 30 Aug 2019

I hope this link will help you. I know my answer was not the answer but it is something with the software.

Here is a link to Embird FAQ. Scroll (under Iconizer) until you find your issue.

barba by barba 30 Aug 2019

Thank you, I am checking it out right now. I forgot to say I am running windows 10 and it is all my folders that have very tiny text and the text under my icons on the desktop. I will let you know if I find a solution. Thank you with hugs, Barba

barba by barba 30 Aug 2019

I disabled iconizer in options and it made no difference. Very frustrating. In order to make the text large enough to read, I have to increase to 150% and then my mail and internet are huge. I will keep reading. Thank you with hugs, Barba

by stock 30 Aug 2019

go into the properties of your program to find resolution, you can change size there. You could look it up on comp. I'm not sure of all the steps....wendy

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barba by barba edited 30 Aug 2019

Thank you. It is not a program, it is windows 10 that has shrunk the text in all my folders. So tiny I can hardly read it. Thank you with hugs, Barba

by crafter2243 Moderator 30 Aug 2019

Try Holding down the Ctrl key while moving the wheel of your mouse away from you. Sorry I am not a keypad person.
Other then that I have no clue.

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barba by barba edited 30 Aug 2019

Tried it and my icons got bigger but text stayed very tiny. Thank you for trying to help me. I am stumped as to why this happened. Thank you with hugs, Barba