by anagha 22 Jul 2019


Is this book worth buy.. will I be able to do basic digitizing..with the help of this..anybody please reply..!!


by dragonflyer 26 Jul 2019

Unless is is specific to your software, I would say no...might be too confusing to translate the book information to the exact places in your software. I would try YouTube or Google your software name for additional training support information. Unfortunately, digitizing takes practice and a good familiarity with your software. Not easy if the software you purchase does not have extensive training support available. That is something I always advise when others are looking to purchase any digitizing software...Support and Training readily available.

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by babash edited 22 Jul 2019

John Deer is a good digitizer but this book maybe a help to someone who already has some experience.
He has a number of You Tube videos you could watch as well.

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anagha by anagha 23 Jul 2019

Thanks a lot

by asterixsew Moderator 22 Jul 2019

I think that before you start thinking about buying books to help to learn to digitise I would suggest that you ask the question as to what digitising soft wear Cuties would suggest for someone who wants to take up digitising. There are some very experienced digitisers here on Cute. Most soft wear for digitising is expensive to buy so one needs to find out as much as possible before buying. But then I wonder have you already bought digitising soft wear?
I have Brother PE design 8 but when I bought my machine I didn't have the knowledge that I now have of the different soft wears available.
Any good soft wear usually has good support to help one learn.
I also would add to any question on what is available as to what exactly do you want to learn to digitise.
Keep asking the questions and we will keep providing the answers

anagha by anagha 22 Jul 2019

You explained so well.. I got clues ...
I already bought wings experience software.. n also took training from digitizer for 2 days.. but as it was in another city.. I'm not able to take training from them was asking for support by book

anagha by anagha 22 Jul 2019

Thanks for reply

asterixsew by asterixsew 23 Jul 2019

Does Wings not come with it's own support book? I live miles from anywhere but I did go on a PE design 6 when 6 came out. Digitising is practice, practice and practice. For about five years after I had been on the cause I would phone sometimes to find something out that I couldn't sort. Is there not a Facebook support group available?

by mops Moderator 22 Jul 2019

It depends on which digitising system is used in the book - if you have a different programme it might be confusing.

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anagha by anagha 22 Jul 2019