by mi30kaja 19 Jul 2019

Thank You all for the Birthday Wishes. We have had 8-9 days without seeing the sun but suddenly on my Birthday the sun came out and it was warm for a change. Not having any more Birthdays as I get older.


by crafter2243 Moderator 22 Jul 2019

I am glad the sun was out to help you celebrate.
I am old and I still enjoy my birthday. Hey every day I get up is a day to celebrate. 😊

by cfidl 21 Jul 2019

So glad you had a sunny birthday! I am with you on the last item! Lol!

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by gerryvb edited 20 Jul 2019

wonderful the sun came out on your birthday, as a very special birthday gift. Hugs for you )))

by mops Moderator 20 Jul 2019

Glad you had a nice sunny day. I love to see friends and family on my birthday, a nice way to keep in touch. Although I miss the ones that are no longer here.

by pennifold 20 Jul 2019

Yes, it's great having the sun out. I know Adelaide has been very cold this Winter. I watch the weather map every night on Channel 9 to check on my hometown's weather!
I also hope you are doing o.k. Love Chris

by noah 19 Jul 2019

Missed you are you ok???

by graceandham 19 Jul 2019

You could always start counting backwards from your last one... Great to see you here.

by mranderson 19 Jul 2019

Great to see you here Lyn. I do not participate much either these days. Still come and read the posts. Birthdays...... I guess we are lucky to be here to celebrate them. Belated birthday wishes to you. Hugs Marg

by shirley124 19 Jul 2019

Pleased the sun shone on your Birthday. I am not having anymore birthdays either.