by Zinobia 14 Jun 2019

Last day today to download font in progress at ageless embroidery.

However for Alphabet Y, files for O are getting downloaded.
Download link seems to be wrong. Have emailed them.

Any other cutie collecting font noticed this?
Please check and let me know if I am doing something wrong.


by markus 14 Jun 2019

Thank you

by sdrise 14 Jun 2019

Thank You!!

by momac 14 Jun 2019

I have just checked my downloads of the font in progress from ageless and my Y is a Y and not an O. Try downloading the Y again and then check to see if you get it. Hugs Maureen

sewdoctor by sewdoctor 14 Jun 2019

mine also is right

Zinobia by Zinobia 14 Jun 2019

I downloaded many times yesterday. I think now I have lost the alphabet

Zinobia by Zinobia 15 Jun 2019

Got it.