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by killiecrankie ( edited 06 Jun 2019 ) 04 Jun 2019

I just got a update for the files of the Peppermint Swirl Dress & I was wondering if anyone knows where to get the A0 files printed in NSW Australia.Have been thinking about making the dress for awhile but printing out all the pattern pages put me off.

I did go into Office works & they printed A0 file (119cm x 85cm) out in 2mins in black no colour for $4.20.Colour costs $7.50.Only the swirls were in different colours.
Just think of all the time saved & probably several frustrating moments with the sticky tape


by babash 04 Jun 2019

Try office works. They do printing on a large scale.

killiecrankie by killiecrankie edited 04 Jun 2019

Thank you.I did look at office works but they have so many different options & I wasn't sure of what I needed.I will have to go in & ask next time I go to Spotlight (they are across the road from them)

babash by babash 05 Jun 2019

I just recently had a big map printed by them and it was only $4.70 and I mean huge. Much much bigger than A3 size.

by pennifold 04 Jun 2019

HI Judy, I haven't heard, I just printed out the swirl patterns. The worst part is cutting them all out. You only have to cut out 14 pages and tape them all together. I made 25 swirls in Aqualina's dress!!!!!!!!!!! Love Chris

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killiecrankie by killiecrankie 06 Jun 2019

I did leave a reply but I must have forgotten to hit the submit button.I did get it printed out,so I only have to trace out the pattern pieces needed before starting on the fabric.