by jrob Moderator 25 May 2019

I thought this was such a neat post. Cute Embroidery and my sewing machine got me through the most difficult and challenging time in my life (physically) after a car wreck threatened to permanently cripple me.


by 02kar Moderator 27 May 2019

I'm so glad you not only survived but was able to heal and walk again. Now I understand why I do as well as I do. I love to create. To the point that when I spent a year recovering from a very serious bout of vertigo, I did the only activity I could do. I hand embroidered a queen sized quilt. It helped to keep me sane while I was virtually housebound.

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jrob by jrob 29 May 2019

I understand! It's always nice to be justified in your belief.

by sdrise 27 May 2019

Very true! Glad the craft helped heal you.. I know it has healed a lot of us going through difficult times.

by pennifold 27 May 2019

Well, I for one am so glad it got you through your difficult and trying time when you had that accident. I think having a craft or something we love to do with our time is such a great endorphin. God bless you Jerrilyn, Love Chris

by dailylaundry 26 May 2019

So very true, Jerrilyn!! Hugs, Laura

by lbrow 26 May 2019

All true my Dear and plus. It keeps you from losing your mind after you lose your spouse. I thank God for my Sewing and Embroidery Machine.

by stork 26 May 2019

This is so true. Thanks for sharing!

by dragonflyer 26 May 2019

Absolutely true!

by asterixsew Moderator 26 May 2019

Thanks for this Jerri

by cfidl 25 May 2019

It is so true! It took me a little longer than I thought, however step by step creative crafts will do a brain good!

by sewdeb 25 May 2019

Great post! Thanks!

by toogie 25 May 2019

Just reaffirms that sewing is good for you! brain cells must have really grew on that last quilt top!-lol

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jrob by jrob 29 May 2019

I'm picturing your brain muscles.

by graceandham 25 May 2019

Sanity! Did it mention sanity?

sewdeb by sewdeb 25 May 2019


jrob by jrob 29 May 2019


by crafter2243 Moderator 25 May 2019

Love it. No need to do exercise. I am doing all that I can for my body. Ha, ha

sewdeb by sewdeb 25 May 2019

I like the way you think! :-)

cfidl by cfidl 25 May 2019

Then the pain tells me to exercise, sometimes in the middle of the night! Blah! That darn bursitis!