by awesome1 20 May 2019

Okay, here goes. My 2002 ULT (Bro)sew/emb machine has been acting strangely. Turn on, yellow lite (instead of red-green when foot is down), the screen is black. Finally the screen lites up and resets the needle. This continues several times before I can begin to sew..which is only a few stitches before the pattern starts all over again. I took it to my local repairman--he cleaned all contacts, but unable to diagnose (mostly works on DSM's. So off to auth. dealer. She diagnosed as needing power supply unit, which is no longer available. However, I discovered I can tap on top, side, end..all displays come on..tho it soon goes off again. I layed it on it's back and was able to sew at least 2 yards of stitching. Does this sound like the power supply or a loose connection? I don't think the machine was ever REALLY looked into--it was in shop for 4 months because they were relocating. I finally called abt it and was told it was ''out back in storage bldg, would look and see what the status was, and return my call. Five days later I got the message that she had a Babylock once that acted this way and it was the power supply. I don't know which way to go now--I searched for the PS, but not to be found. However, I'm not convinced it is needed anyway. I loved sewing on the machine--I have 5 others for emb. Any suggestions-anyone ever experienced these symptoms? TIA for help or advice.


by asterixsew Moderator 20 May 2019
Sorry I have the link here. This is my go to site with problems for my machine so hopefully its helpful. I will have a think an reply if I have further ideas.

asterixsew by asterixsew 20 May 2019

Just spoken to my closet Cutie friend who has two of these machines and she has said that you need to get your machine to a Brother dealer to get it looked at. The dealer that we use keeps a supply of bits and pieces often from dead machines and knows where to get what is required. (I am aware that some machines are not so easy to get bits and pieces for). No dealer should be keeping a machine for 4 months. Every time my friend and I get our machines back from repair or service there is a label attached saying what has been done to the machine and if new parts are installed the old bits are handed to us. We also can phone when the shop is open to ask questions if we think there is a problem which is most useful as a visit to them takes a day. Please let us know how you get on with this problem

awesome1 by awesome1 21 May 2019

It IS an authorized Brother dealer. However, it is also a very large fabric store, and took considerable time to move to new location. I was told my machine would ''stand in line'' until they had settled in. I wanted it so badly I agreed to be patient. Thanks for reminding me about ;ann;s fixit;--I have chatted with her via email in the past, but forgot. Her husband is elect. engineer and they learned to fix her machine to eliminate her long trips to repair.

spcekittrn by spcekittrn 22 May 2019

Why don't you call Brother and see if you can get to a repair department and see if they can give you some advice on what the problem might be and see if they have a factory trained person in your area. They might be able to diagnose your problem better than a machine cleaner. I was having so much trouble with my Pfaff it had to be sent back to the factory. Long wait, but it works great now.
Good luck,

by pennifold 20 May 2019

Wow! what a pity - it sounds like the mother board is acting up to me. I can't believe that it was in the repair shop for that long and nothing has been resolved. Good luck with it. Love Chris

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awesome1 by awesome1 21 May 2019

Yes, that is ridiculously long, but the dealer is in a large fabric store and they were relocating to another building. In addition, they were having trouble getting phone service--had to change carriers twice (she said). I have other machines, but this was my fave to sew on, and I used up all my patience, LOL