by basketkase 15d ago

If anyone has experienced a lag or errors when trying to sign in to my website, I want you to know it is now fixed.... If you missed any Flame letters from the past week Jim is going to put the T and U back up until next Wednesday, so those of you who were not able to log in can keep your alphabet whole......thanks for your patience while we worked on this issue.........


by cfidl 14d ago

I did not think we needed to be logged in to collect the letters. While I'm here... Thank you so much for them!

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basketkase by basketkase 13d ago

You don't need to sign in and you are welcome......

by graceandham 15d ago

Thank you for all you do for us. I always enjoy seeing your stitching, especially for Boomer!

by irenewayne 15d ago

thank you for fixing this problem

by 02kar Moderator 15d ago

You are always so kind and generous. Thanks