by dee 03 May 2019

My daughter is home from the hospital. She still has a long road healing. She said her feet look horrible. Burns are slowing healing thank God. Thanks for your prayers.


by sdrise 04 May 2019

Prayers still coming her way!

by arisann 04 May 2019

May The Lord keep healing, prayers.

by pennifold 03 May 2019

What encouraging news Damaris about your daughter. Feet take a while to heal and of course they carry you wherever you go, so one needs to look after them. I'm continuing to pray for your dear sister and family too. God be with you all, love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 03 May 2019

All glory goes to God and thank you God for this miraculous healing. I will continue praying that her feet heal and look and feel better by the day. I'm sure her children were very happy to have her home.

by lbrow 03 May 2019

Praise God. I know it has to have been awful for her. I know how it is when your feet hurt you hurt all over. Have just been diagnosed recently with neuropathy in both of my feet so I know how painful foot problems are. So thankful for her healing..

by dragonflyer 03 May 2019

Glad she is home...hoping she makes a full recovery....

by dailylaundry 03 May 2019

Tell her for us to please take it easy and that we send our love and prayers!!! Hugs to you Dee, Laura