by baydreamer 16 Apr 2019

I offered to make a gift for a friend of my DS who is a grandmother for the first time. I just love when I can due what I want. I used Designs from Juju , Hunter font and Reading Critters . I always love a little something on the back. I due this because I use my embroidery machine to put the button holes on , so why not place a design at the same time. Thanks for looking!


by stella1 20 Apr 2019

Loved it very nice and cute and sweet

by blueeyedblonde 20 Apr 2019

Great job!

by lhart 18 Apr 2019

They are going to love it! Adorable, I love the "M" on the book. You have great attention to detail.

by bemara 17 Apr 2019

So cute, great work :-)

by pennifold 16 Apr 2019

Gorgeous work on this one too. Love Chris

by noah 16 Apr 2019

Nice work this should bring a few smiles:);)

by sonjapotgieter 16 Apr 2019

Love it!!!So pretty!!!Well done