by chenille 19 Mar 2019

So...what to do when rayon thread starts to spool off the cone and thread nets are too big? One cone has a real birds nest... I got a bag of cones at a sale. I know that I will probably lose a lot but I don't want to lose any more than I can help!

Thanks, Nadyne


by sharonleekesner 25 Mar 2019

I use the dollar store pony tail holders. They come in several sizes and I get 12 or 24 for a dollar. I use these on all my spools of thread.

by graceandham 24 Mar 2019

I use those covered pony tail holders on my king cones to keep thread tidy. There are smaller ones that work on the regular size spools.

by rachap 24 Mar 2019

If you have some extra empty bobbins you could wind the emb.thread on them and could still use them for the top thread. You would just have to change more often but sometimes you only need a little anyway. I have had pretty good luck using the sulky thread in the bobbin when I want the back to match the front.

by dragonflyer 19 Mar 2019

You can use ribbing like you would use for can cut it to size and just seam the sides together. This is what I use to do before I had any plastic type thread nets. Fast to make and inexpensive, too. For the birds nest cone, just start cutting it a little at a time until you can get through the birds nest area. A single edge razor blade works well.

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chenille by chenille 20 Mar 2019

Thanks, I like this idea!

by babash 19 Mar 2019

If you just want to stop it coming off while you store it I would try plastic food wrap that clings. Cut a strip and wrap it around the cone. I once bought a tape designed for this but it was expensive.

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chenille by chenille 20 Mar 2019

Yes I have used the "press and seal" and it works well. Thanks.

by pennifold 19 Mar 2019

Hi Nadyne, that happened to me with some spools I bought from here in Australia. Unfortunately I had to cut most of it off and just put it down to a bad batch. I've at times bought those thread spool nets and cut them to size, it works much better. Have you got a picture we could see?

Love Chris

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chenille by chenille 20 Mar 2019

Thanks Chris. I would like to send a picture but have no means at the moment. I have pics on my phone that I still don't know how to send to my computer....( no email on our phone...) I am so slow at computer issues. :-( How do you cut a thread net to size other than shorter? The spools that I bought are the large ones and 3 have only about a half left. the other 4 look as though they are new or hardly used. They are the Sulky brand ( rayon ) and very slippery. I am thinking I should still be able to use them even if only on my regular sewing machine. It was a great deal at $8 even if I only use 2 of them!