by sbott54 05 Mar 2019

I need to apologize to sewmom for my response to her message about illegal designs by vendors on Nancy Zieman's website10 days ago. Please forgive me for being so mean and thoughtless.

I sincerely offer my sincerest apologies to all Cuties, too. This is a great community of loving people and I've received so much joy, love, and comfort from Cuties. Sandy


by sewtired 08 Oct 2019

Must have missed the original post. Hope things are all patched up now. Food for thought folks, really think through what you are thinking about posting before you hit submit. Apologies can be made, but things don't get unread. Also, before you flame someone, make sure that you understand what they have said. Things don't always come out in print the way you intended. For example, this post is meant as a "Food for thought" for all of us and not a scolding for sbott54.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 08 Oct 2019

,...and if your unhappy about what you have written and want it removed, PM the moderators

by airyfairy 08 Oct 2019

Takes guts and compassion to apologize

by mad14kt 07 Oct 2019

An apology shows much humility and I commend you Sandy for such positive correction.

by crafter2243 Moderator 05 Mar 2019

I think we were all upset at first thinking that a favorite icon in the sewing world may get a bad name. We are all glad that this is not the case and all is well. Sweet of you to apologize.

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sbott54 by sbott54 05 Mar 2019

Thank you for your response.