by cathleen 22 Feb 2019

I downloaded from babolucia on this site a ITH Watermelon Bib. I am near completion of it and was hoping someone can help me- after laying the pink fabric down on top of the oval center the instructions state to cut outside of the oval pink fabric. When do you cut the center of the oval? I am at the last step - final green fabric but I am afraid I missed a step.


by powagrl 23 Feb 2019

Here are the instructions that I have for the 8x10 hoop size.


Cut 2 pieces of green fabric: 9*11 (9*13 if using 8*12)

1 piece of red fabric: 8*10 (9*12 if using 8*12)

You can use white thread for the whole design except for the black seeds.


Hoop tear-away stabilizer.

1. Color 1: Placement guide on your stabilizer for green fabric.Lay down one of your green fabrics over the guide.

2. Color 2 tacks the green fabric down.

3. Color 3 is the placement guide for red fabric. Lay your red fabric down over the guide.

4. Color 4 tacks the red fabric down. Trim the red fabric outside the oval.

5. Color 5 is the rickrack.

6. Color 6 is the black seeds. Or you can add your own design instead.

7. Lay another green fabric right side down over the whole design.

Color 7 will sew it to the front leaving an opening.

8. Trim. Turn inside out. Press. Close the opening.

9. Add closure. If you are adding a snap, do not punch the holes where the rick racks are because they will fray.

by mops Moderator 23 Feb 2019

I did not download this design, but maybe this will clarify?

As a general rule when doing applque there are 3 stages involved:
1. the stitching of the line where to place your fabric.
2. the attaching of the fabric, after which you carefully cut away the excess outside that line
3. the final satin stitch, sometimes after some extra decorative stitching like e.g. some seeds or shadows.

And those steps apply to every colour fabric you might use, although step 3 might be delayed when more colours are involved.

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by babash edited 22 Feb 2019

I don't think you would have downloaded a design for another company on this site.
Check who you paid money to that might help you find the correct site.

I just did a search on the name and see she was here in 2017. Maybe if you leave a message in the PM section at the top you might get an answer.

rescuer by rescuer 22 Feb 2019

It was on an area of this website that has been closed for complete file checking for a long time. A PM is the best way to ask the digitizer. Perhaps another Cutie would know the steps.

cathleen by cathleen 23 Feb 2019

Thank you ladies for the help.....