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by 02kar Moderator ( edited 21 Feb 2019 ) 21 Feb 2019

Hi everyone. I just want to let you all know if I seem a little off or I type something a little odd, please be aware I am healing from cataract surgery. It is playing havoc with my vertigo so life is quite interesting and will be for a while. It is a very successful surgery and the vision in my eye is 20-20. Unfortunately my brain is struggling with the 1 corrected eye and the one eye that's 1/2 blind. I will be so happy when the 2nd eye can be operated on. I should explain that my vertigo is neurological not displaced crystals or Meniere's. Because I am struggling and at high risk of falling, it is most likely I will have the 2nd eye done within a month if the doctor has his way.


by jrob Moderator 22 Feb 2019

Praying for you dear friend and your vertigo. I can't imagine being so off balance all of the time. Well, my sense of humor may be, but not my balance. I wish I could cross my arms and blink (I Dream of Jeannie style) and clear that up for you. Until I get that talent more honed, I'll keep praying.

by pcteddyb 22 Feb 2019

Mine were done a week apart (in January). My vision was so bad there was no way to go more than that with an -11 difference + a bunch of astigmatism - was tough to function so I understand what you are going through. It is a life changer for sure! Hope they can do your other one very soon.

by gerryvb 22 Feb 2019

hope the 2nd operation will be soon, so you can see clearly with both the eyes. Hugs , Gerry

by basketkase 22 Feb 2019

Oh, Karen....I sure know what you are going through, as a similar vertigo sufferer, I experienced the same balancing act when I had my cataracts removed...did you get the lens for near or far? I got the far lenses and only need glasses now for up close......I took a lot of my meclizine (motion sickness) pills during this phase between eye surgeries.....
just remember YOU GOT THIS!!

by sewdeb 22 Feb 2019

My husband recently had cataract surgery in both eyes and he no longer needs to wear glasses - he's had to wear them since he was 8! I pray that your surgery goes just as well and that, finally your vertigo will be cured, too! Hugs*, Deb

by crafter2243 Moderator 22 Feb 2019

Praying that the Vertigo is not giving you too much trouble and the 2nd surgery will happen soon. In the meantime be extra careful. We can't have you fall😊 .
I just had this done in November and they did both eyes at the same time.

by dailylaundry 22 Feb 2019

Hoping the surgery on both eyes will eventually help your vertigo - that would be so wonderful! My dear hubby went through cataract surgery and came out seeing better than ever!!! Hugs to you!!! Laura

by cfidl 22 Feb 2019

Good news for sure! You your new normal will bring delights all around. Best wishes. May your second eye do as well as your first.

by sdrise 22 Feb 2019

Prayers are with you!! Glad you did well and hopefully heal quickly to get the next eye done soon. HUGS

by vickiannette 22 Feb 2019

good news, at least it will be when all completed. Your sewing should become easier, when you can see better.

by shirley124 21 Feb 2019

Big hugs. Hope things settle soon.

by rescuer Moderator 21 Feb 2019

Thank you for letting us know. I will be thinking about you and praying your struggle will ease soon. Vertigo is not fun at all.

by graceandham 21 Feb 2019

People without vertigo struggle with one corrected and one uncorrected eye. Sorry it was not possible to do both together. Life is soon going to get much better! Take it easy if you can. (Always seem like an overachiever to me!) Big hug.

by dragonflyer 21 Feb 2019

Hope you feel better soon... I have had years of vertigo so I know exactly what you are going through... I did not realize cataract surgery would have an impact. I am due to have it done in a few months...

by babash 21 Feb 2019

My husband is on the wait list to have his done as well. He could wait anywhere from 3 to 12months as people driving get to go first.
How long before you can get the other one done?