by rescuer Moderator 07 Feb 2019

Our recent snow storm left this in the (son of a friends) backyard. Nearly all of it came down in one night. Still, not all schools here closed. This might be why we claim to have the "Greatest Snow on Earth" lol Skiers LOVE our mountains with so much snow...this picture is of a home in the valley.

Do you have snow?


by gerryvb 10 Feb 2019

I love long as it 's not on the roads. Unfortunately it does fall everywhere so also on the roads....
But it's always so beautiful to see when no one has walked on it yet. Stay warm and safe.
Here we have no snow at the moment, but a lot of rain today....

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rescuer by rescuer 10 Feb 2019

Many folks here wish the snow would only fall in the mountains. I love it -- even on the roads! I don't like the lifeless, brown or grey, dismal look during winter months when the snow has melted or before the first really good snow.

by jrob Moderator 09 Feb 2019

Pretty picture!

rescuer by rescuer 09 Feb 2019

We have another couple of storms coming in... Do you wanna build a snowman?

gerryvb by gerryvb 10 Feb 2019

oh yes I would love to make one, I always did with the kids and later the grands, but never a normal one, always a lovely woman or a very large gnome or an animal or something like that.....

rescuer by rescuer 10 Feb 2019

Gerry, you are officially invited!

gerryvb by gerryvb edited 11 Feb 2019

what is the address....?

rescuer by rescuer 12 Feb 2019

We're have another storm coming in mid- week. We should wait for that because the snow in the picture is crunchy from the temperatures that have stayed below freezing -- day before freezing. I'll send the address via the Inbox 🌸🌸❣

gerryvb by gerryvb 12 Feb 2019

with crunchy snow, we cannot start the snow creature )))

by 02kar Moderator 08 Feb 2019

No snow, thank goodness. I really don't miss it. But we are not looking forward to the temps going down again

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rescuer by rescuer 08 Feb 2019

Stay warm and safe. Cold is cold no matter if you have snow or not.

by cfidl 08 Feb 2019

I got the same snow I think. A few more inches than what was predicted. I had to travel through it which was harrowing. I am happier to stay home and stitch. Also someone stole both of our snow shovels. Blah!

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rescuer by rescuer 08 Feb 2019

I think many places were surprised at the amount of snow. It really only took about 4 hours to dump that much. I hope your shovels will return soon.

by mrskiki 08 Feb 2019

It's so beautiful when fresh. In Texas we have been having unseasonably warm temps-70s until a front came through last night. This morning it is 36 degrees. And lot of flu cases causing some schools to close because so many kids are out. Stay warm. Hugs. Nan

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rescuer by rescuer 08 Feb 2019

We had 14 degrees Fahrenheit this morning around 7am. Ice on the roads and it felt so cold.

by pennifold 08 Feb 2019

Well I don't have snow - but I've got gasping plants - so I've just spent 40 minutes watering the front garden! We have still been having 30+Celsius days. Love Chris

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rescuer by rescuer 08 Feb 2019

I hope you get some cooler weather and rain for your poor plants.

by lbrow 08 Feb 2019

It looks so pristine. No tracks anywhere.

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rescuer by rescuer 08 Feb 2019

I think the picture was taken about 5am. If it were taken near my home there would have been deer or other animal footprints.

by crafter2243 Moderator 08 Feb 2019

Always love those pictures. It has been freezing here but no snow in my neck of the woods. Haven't seen snow in years.

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rescuer by rescuer 08 Feb 2019

Come visit (wink wink)

by graceandham 07 Feb 2019

No. I'm still raking even more fall leaves. Soon, they will be spring leaves. Never saw a single flake this year.

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rescuer by rescuer 08 Feb 2019

I love the 4 seasons -- including the snow so I wouldn't know what to do in Winter without the snow.