by grobin 11d ago

Twins were born on Jan 2, 2019 to My grandson and his wife.

These are just a few onesie and burps I made for the babies.
Thanks for looking


by grobin 7d ago

Thank you for all the positive comments. I was thrilled and happy to
make them all. I started when I first heard she was pregnant with

by blueeyedblonde 8d ago

Good job! They'll get a lot of use out of all this!

by pennyhal2 9d ago

The shirt with a blue tie on it made me laugh! They are all cheerful and useful I'm sure. "Two peas in a pod" is very appropriate too.

by lidiad 9d ago

lol..... love them all, especially the "buy one" and "Get one free" he he he.
They are all gorgeous!
Hugs, Lidia

by sewdeb 9d ago

Fabulous collection of "cute"! The twins are going to look great wearing these! The buy one get one free are my favorites!

by sonjapotgieter 10d ago

Congrats!!!Great work done..Beautiful!!!

by toogie 10d ago

I had to laught at the ' Buy one get one Free' - just love them all!
Best wishes for the newborns and their parents.

by dragonflyer 10d ago

Congratulations! Looks like they will be all decked out in these wonderful items you have made!

by shirley124 11d ago

You sure have been busy. Well done. I love them all. Hugs

by pennifold 11d ago

Wow, you have been 'sew' busy. These are all gorgeous and I know the parents will really appreciate all the effort you have done. Love Chris