by rescuer Moderator 30 Jan 2019

So many are feeling the extreme cold of winter right now. I thought I would offer some ideas on how to keep you and your pipes from freezing. Please feel free to add what works for you.

First, a -10F and a -30F feel about the same. The big difference is the amount of time it takes to freeze to death. Stay inside if you can. Keep your feet warm and dry to avoid frostbite.
Stay covered. We lose 90% of all our body heat out of the top of our heads. Here, we use insulated hats and "Hot Hands" anytime we are outside in the single digits or negatives -- longer than 10 minutes. The "Hot Hands" work well to warm the bed before you turn in for the night.
Dress in layers and avoid sweating. You can get hypothermia if you are suddenly chilled (even at 50 degrees F) from sweat.
Snow is an insulator. Use it on the outside of the house to cover areas, like unused doors, that need to be blocked from the cold and wind. Use sand or rice filled bags to stop the draft in the inside of doors and windows.
Feather quilts/blankets/comforters can keep you warm day or night. Check the cold rating before you buy. The fluffier the comforter, the better it works.
Open your cupboards, the ones under your sink, whenever you are away or at night.
Let your tap run a tiny bit, moving water is less likely to freeze. You may need to use a portable heater (one with auto-shut-off for safety) and face it towards the open area under the sink.
Use pipe heaters that have automatic temperature regulation based on the pipe temperature. Use fiberglass or other suitable pipe insulation on any exposed pipes.
Check on your neighbors by phone. You'll feel better and you will both stay warm.


by jrob Moderator 31 Jan 2019

Great tips. Everyone stay warm and safe.
We should all have treadle machines and keep them running when it's cold. The exercise would keep us warm and we'd get some sewing done.

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lbrow by lbrow 31 Jan 2019

Me thinks there are many who have never had a foot on the old treadles. MY Grand could go about 90 miles an hr on one. especially when making cheese cloth Priscilla curtains.

by lbrow 30 Jan 2019

I keep a heating pad by the areas I sit, also take one with me if I have to stay overnight any where. my hands get really stiff if they get cold.

by crafter2243 Moderator 30 Jan 2019

Good to know. Fortunately I live in a part of the world where I do not have to worry much about freezing. Who knows it may come yet. The weather has been so crazy.

by graceandham 30 Jan 2019

Thanks for your many tips. I knew only a bit of these.

by 02kar Moderator 30 Jan 2019

I survived my winters in North Dakota by wearing a long double insulated leather coat. Great as a wind breaker for those 25mph winds, plus a double layer fleece scarf I had embroidered. Who says you cant be frozen and fashionable! My heart goes out to all who are struggling to stay warm and safe. It's no joke.

by sewdeb 30 Jan 2019

Great advice, but I had to laugh - as I am reading all your tips, I look over on the advert on the sidebar and there was an offer for Caribbean Vacations for as little as $529/person! I think that is the best idea yet! LOL!

rescuer by rescuer 30 Jan 2019

Yes! That would be lovely!

asterixsew by asterixsew 30 Jan 2019

I am getting warm winter clothing on the sidebar ads