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by noah ( edited 26 Jan 2019 ) 26 Jan 2019

It is so cold today the town is in what looks like fog but it isn't ++++Slowly going up to -25 maybe???This is my back yard++++Stay warm all you lovely Southerners while i dream of Spring:):)Hugs Carolyn xxxx


by killiecrankie 27 Jan 2019

Think I prefer our hot weather to your cold.I wouldn't like to put on all those extra clothes ,every time you needed to go outside.

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noah by noah 27 Jan 2019

I hate that to but you gotta do it or Freeze lol hugs

by shirley124 26 Jan 2019

Oh boy. You can have all that snow. I will not complain about the heat we are having anymore after seeing that. I do not know how you cope with it. You must be very brave. Sending a big hug to warm you up a little,

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noah by noah 26 Jan 2019

Ahhhhh thanks i love hugs

by crafter2243 Moderator 26 Jan 2019

Oh my. That is cold!!!!!!

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noah by noah 26 Jan 2019

For sure++++

by pennifold 26 Jan 2019

Those temperatures are just amazing! When it's hot outside and I'm driving,my temperature gauge for the car only goes down to 18C. Steve's (our son in law) car goes down to 16C. I see your inside temperature for the house is 18.8! - that's about what I'd like to be in at the moment. We've got 26C at 8.00am with an expected temperature of 36C for today, but it will get hotter! You keep warm Carolyn, whilst I'll try to keep cool! Love the pictures, it looks like a winter wonderland! Love Chris

noah by noah 26 Jan 2019

That is first thing in the morning at the back of my house it warms up after i put my fire in but i like it cold for sleeping hugs

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 27 Jan 2019

Thursday afternoon & Friday morning I found the prefect way to kept from melting,cleaned all the pergola using the high pressure water cleaner ,didn't even notice the heat .
Today it got up to 34C outside while the GD & her husband were painting the pergola ,so the roofer can put the roof on.

robertahilde by robertahilde 27 Jan 2019

Good job! - in Melbourne we reach 45C, could not even think. Cheers - Roberta

by pennyhal2 26 Jan 2019

That's a really odd weather phenomenon with those eerie colors. Hold Mr. Peeko and he'll keep you warm!

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noah by noah 26 Jan 2019

yes he does lol hugs

by clintonmiss22 26 Jan 2019

Oh my! And we're all whining around here because it is supposed to be 32F next week. That will be a "piece of cake" compared to your weather.

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noah by noah 26 Jan 2019

yes 4 sure no complaining allowed lol hugs

by graceandham 26 Jan 2019

Your pictures are beautiful, but it looks dangerous. Tell Peeko to cross his legs.

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noah by noah 26 Jan 2019

lol when i open the door the cold hits him and he backs up lol

by toogie 26 Jan 2019

I can't imagine how cold it is there. Sure don't want to experience it. Don't freeze my friend!

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noah by noah 26 Jan 2019

i won't don't worry hugs

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by asterixsew Moderator edited 26 Jan 2019

Stay warm and keep sewing. I am just glad that its only pouring with rain where I live

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noah by noah 26 Jan 2019

i am +++++hugs

by lbrow 26 Jan 2019

Carolyn I am ashamed of myself. i'm cold and the temp is only in the 20s F. here. PLEASE stay warm. Love you!

noah by noah 26 Jan 2019

yes i am 3 feet from my wood stove lol going up to bake some shortbread cookies:):)love ya!!!

toogie by toogie 26 Jan 2019

I'd have to bake all the time just to stay warm!

pennifold by pennifold 26 Jan 2019

With that baking issue - I'd eat them all!!!!!!!!!! Love Chris