by noah 23 Jan 2019

Update on my brother Donnie After see the doctor via tv he made an appointment for us to go see Doctor in Sudbury a 4 hour drive one way and they just called and i take him tomorrow He has cancer 2 inch in his left lung:(:(

Please pray for us it snowed 6 inches last night and is still snowing so it will be a terrible drive Please we need prayers Hugs Carolyn


by zoefzoef 24 Jan 2019

Caroly , have a save drive and I keep you in my prayers for the visit of the doctor. Hugs Linda

by dee 24 Jan 2019

Carolyn I will keep you and your family in my prayers. For a safe trip also dee

by marianb 24 Jan 2019

Thinking of you both, hope the weather and roads are in your favour.

by dailylaundry 24 Jan 2019

We have been traveling and I just saw this - hope your sweet brother's appointment went well - I know how scary it is traveling during bad winter weather - please let us know how everything went. Many prayers for your brother, you and the rest of your family!! Hugs and prayers, Laura

by mariagiannina 24 Jan 2019

Thinking of you both Carolyn, please take care on those treacherous roads.
Mary C.

by barba 23 Jan 2019

You definitely have my prayers. Drive safe and stay warm. Hugs and blessings, Barba

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noah by noah 23 Jan 2019

Thanks it is 11 at night and still snowing:(:(

by asterixsew Moderator 23 Jan 2019

Carolyn take care and have a safe journey both ways

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noah by noah 23 Jan 2019

I will surely try hugs

by 02kar Moderator 23 Jan 2019

You and Donnie have my prayers also. Hope you have your emergency kit with you. Stay warm and safe and may the snowplows plow just in front as you drive to and from.

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noah by noah 23 Jan 2019

thanks keep praying hugsxx

by robertahilde 23 Jan 2019

All my thoughts are with you and your brother, please drive carefully and
stay safe.
Love Roberta

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noah by noah 23 Jan 2019

Thanks and i know u know what cold and snow is like hugs

by pennifold 23 Jan 2019

Have been thinking of you guys and hope your travelling to and from Sudbury will go smoothly and that the snow doesn't impede your driving. You are an angel to take Donnie for his appointment, it's always so comforting to have a fellow companion on a road trip and I pray that you get enough rest for that long trip. I wish I was able to help you - if I was there I would. Love Chris

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noah by noah 23 Jan 2019

Thanks if u were with me you would never come again Donnie is stuck on repeat very badly and that alone wares on one and u would not like the snow and ice on the roads the main highway is pretty good a few bare patches but mostly snow and ice..

by sewdeb 23 Jan 2019

Oh, Carolyn, I'm so sorry to hear this about your brother. I will pray for Donnie, his doctors and for your safe travel. I wish I lived along your route so you would have a safe place to stay. Please take care, dear lady!

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noah by noah 23 Jan 2019

I will do my very best as always hugs just hope the plows are out...

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Jan 2019

Added your brother and you to my list of people to pray for. Please take it slow and stay save.

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noah by noah 23 Jan 2019

Thanks hugs

by graceandham 23 Jan 2019

Praying for travelling mercies as you make your way and of course for Donnie.

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noah by noah 23 Jan 2019

Will do my very best hugs

by dragonflyer 23 Jan 2019

So very sad to hear this, Carolyn. Please take extra care to travel safely. I hope you will be staying over and not making the trip home tomorrow...
You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please be careful and drive cautiously. Ice and snow can be so treacherous...

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noah by noah 23 Jan 2019

No staying over no money for that i will drive thanks Kim hugsxx

by lbrow 23 Jan 2019

Oh Carolyn I am praying for you both. God to give you travelling Grace and strength to handle all that comes your way and for your brother's Cancer diagnosis. God's Will in both of your lives. I do so love you and wish I could do more to help.

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noah by noah 23 Jan 2019

Thanks my dear friend hugsxxx