by dee 20 Jan 2019

Finally my sister has her first radiation treatment on Tuesday. She had Chemo before but never radiation. 3 ladies and I have cut our hair real short to support her. Too cold to cut it all off We are taking a picture and send to her. Thanks for your prayers. Her treatment will be 5 days a week for 3 months


by stork 22 Jan 2019

Lifting her up in prayers. Great support with the haircuts!

by dee 22 Jan 2019

Thank all of you for your prayers and support. She has her treatment today. Will let you know how it goes This is a great site with wonderful cuties dee

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toogie by toogie 23 Jan 2019

Someone is always here for you Dee....

by shirley124 20 Jan 2019

I wish your sister well. Hugs

by lbrow 20 Jan 2019

How admirable of you and your friends go support her like that. She remains in my prayers.

by sewdeb 20 Jan 2019

What a wonderful way to show your support. She remains in my prayers. Hugs*, Deb

by pennifold 20 Jan 2019

What a wonderful gesture Damaris, prayers continuing for your dear sister. My goodness what a lot of treatment for her for 12 weeks. Please let her know that us Cuties from downunder are keeping her uplifted with prayer. Love Chris

by jrob Moderator 20 Jan 2019

She remains in my prayers.

by dailylaundry 20 Jan 2019

Please - please tell her that she is in our prayers - you need to know that you are a very sweet sister! Hugs and prayers for you too!! Laura

by graceandham 20 Jan 2019

What an expression of love.

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Jan 2019

I will be praying for her

by zoefzoef 20 Jan 2019

Wishing her all the best. Prayers sent out to her.

by sebsews 20 Jan 2019

Sending prayers to her and the family. My sister starts her radiation on Monday, and I had radiation 4 years ago. You are a great support for her. Hugs, Suzanna

jrob by jrob 20 Jan 2019

Has it really been 4 years? Warrior on Sister.

toogie by toogie 23 Jan 2019

I know, where does time go?

by sdrise 20 Jan 2019

Prayers coming her way... Nice to have support too.